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The WikiDoc Living Textbook of Signs and Symptoms

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Editor-In-Chief Signs and Symptoms: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D., Harvard Medcial School. You can email Dr. Gibson by clicking here

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Symptoms and signs: circulatory (R00–R03, 785) CardiovascularHeart disease* Tachycardia/Bradycardia Vascular disease* Bruit Myeloid/bloodShock* Cardiogenic Hyperaemia* Functional Anemia* Pagophagia Symptoms and signs: respiratory system (R04–R07, 786) Hemorrhage Abnormalities
of breathing
Respiratory sounds
Hamman's sign
Biot's respiration
Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Kussmaul breathing
Mouth breathing/Snoring
Other Chest, general Symptoms and signs: digestive system and abdomen (R10–R19, 787,789) GI tractUpper GI tractNausea/Vomiting · Heartburn · Dysphagia (Oropharyngeal, Esophageal)
Halitosis Lower GI tractGas: Flatulence · Abdominal distension · Bloating · Belching (Wet burp) · Tympanites Stool: Fecal incontinence (Encopresis) · Rectal tenesmus Blood: Fecal occult blood Diarrhea Football sign Psoas sign · Obturator sign · Rovsing's sign AccessoryHepatosplenomegaly/Hepatomegaly
Jaundice AbdominopelvicAscites Abdominal – generalAbdominal pain (Acute abdomen, Colic, Baby colic) Splenomegaly Abdominal guarding · Abdominal mass · Rebound tenderness Shifting dullness · Bulging flanks · Puddle sign · Fluid wave test Symptoms and signs: skin and subcutaneous tissue (R20-R23, 782) Disturbances of skin sensationHypoesthesia - Paresthesia - Hyperesthesia OtherRash - Cyanosis - Pallor - Flushing - Petechia - Desquamation - Induration - Diaphoresis Symptoms and signs: nervous and musculoskeletal systems (R25-R29, 781) Abnormal involuntary movements
(see also movement disorders)Tremor - Spasm - Fasciculation - Athetosis Gait abnormalityScissor gait - Antalgic gait - Cerebellar ataxia - Festinating gait - Pigeon gait - Propulsive gait - Steppage gait - Stomping gait - Spastic gait - Myopathic gait - Magnetic gait - Trendelenburg gait Lack of coordinationAtaxia (Cerebellar ataxia, Sensory ataxia) - Dysmetria - Dysdiadochokinesia - Hypotonia OtherTetany - Meningism - Hyperreflexia - Opisthotonus - Abnormal posturing - Hemispatial neglect Symptoms and signs: urinary system (R30-R39, 788) GeneralRenal colic - Dysuria - Vesical tenesmus - Urinary incontinence - Urinary retention - Oliguria - Polyuria - Nocturia - Extravasation of urine - Extrarenal uremia Symptoms and signs: cognition, perception, emotional state and behaviour (R40-R46, 780-781) GeneralAnxiety - Somnolence - Coma - Amnesia (Anterograde amnesia, Retrograde amnesia) - Dizziness/Vertigo OlfactionAnosmia - Parosmia TasteAgeusia - Parageusia Symptoms and signs: Speech and voice (R47-R49, 784) Aphasia/DysphasiaExpressive aphasia - Receptive aphasia - Conduction aphasia Other speech disturbancesDysarthria - Schizophasia Symbolic dysfunctionsDyslexia - Alexia - Agnosia (Prosopagnosia) - Apraxia - Acalculia - Agraphia Voice disturbancesDysphonia - Aphonia Symptoms and signs: general (R50-R69, 780-789) GeneralFever (Hyperpyrexia) - Headache - Chronic pain - Malaise/Fatigue (Asthenia, Debility) - Fainting (Vasovagal syncope) - Febrile seizure - Shock (Cardiogenic shock) - Lymphadenopathy - Edema (Peripheral edema, Anasarca) - Hyperhidrosis (Sleep hyperhidrosis) - Delayed milestone - Failure to thrive - Short stature (Idiopathic) - food and fluid intake (Anorexia, Polydipsia, Polyphagia) - Cachexia - Xerostomia - Clubbing - Tenderness Symptoms and signs: Symptoms concerning nutrition, metabolism and development (R62–R64, 783) Ingestion/Weightdecrease: AnorexiaWeight loss/Cachexia/Underweight increase: PolyphagiaPolydipsiaOrexigeniaWeight gain GrowthDelayed milestoneFailure to thriveShort stature (e.g., Idiopathic) Retrieved from "[]"
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