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Editor-In-Chief of the Physical Examination: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D., Harvard Medcial School. You can email Dr. Gibson by clicking here

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Medical records and physical exam AdmissionHistory
(SAMPLE)CC · HPI (OPQRST) · ROS · Allergies/Medications · PMH/PSH/FH/SH
Psychiatric history PE
intimate)General/IPPAInspection · Auscultation · Palpation · Percussion Vital signsT · HR · BP · RR HEENTOral mucosa · TM · Eyes (Ophthalmoscopy, Swinging-flashlight test) · Hearing (Weber, Rinne) RespiratoryLungs: Respiratory sounds
Other: Cyanosis · Clubbing CardiovascularHeart: Precordium (Heart sounds, Apex beat)
Other: Jugular venous pressure · Abdominojugular test · Carotid bruit · Peripheral vascular (Ankle brachial pressure index) AbdominalDigestiveLiver span · Rectal · Murphy's sign · Bowel sounds UrinaryMurphy's punch sign PelvisCervical motion tenderness Extremities/JointBack (Straight leg raise) · Knee (McMurray test) · Hip · Wrist (Tinel sign, Phalen maneuver) · Shoulder (Adson's sign) · GALS screen NeuroMental state (MMSE) · Cranial nerve examination NeonatalApgar score · Ballard Maturational Assessment L/ILabs (Electrolytes, ABG, LFT) · Medical imaging (EKG, CXR, CT, MRI) A/PMedical diagnosis · Differential diagnosis ProgressSOAP note Medical privacy Retrieved from "[]"
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Table of Contents In Alphabetical Order | By Individual Diseases | Signs and Symptoms | Physical Examination | Lab Tests | Drugs

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