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The WikiDoc Living Textbook of Pharmacology

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Major Drug Groups

Major Drug Groups Gastrointestinal tract (A)Antacids • Antiemetics  • H₂-receptor antagonists • Proton pump inhibitors • Laxatives • Antidiarrhoeals Blood and blood forming organs (B)Anticoagulants • Antiplatelets • Thrombolytics Cardiovascular system (C)Antiarrhythmics • Antihypertensives • Diuretics • Vasodilators • Antianginals • Beta blockers • Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors • Antihyperlipidemics Skin (D)Emollients - Antipruritics Reproductive system (G)Hormonal contraception • Fertility agents • Selective estrogen receptor modulatorsSex hormones Endocrine system (H)Anti-diabeticsCorticosteroidsSex hormonesThyroid hormones Infections and Infestations (J, P)Antibiotics • Antivirals • Vaccines • Antifungals • Antiprotozoals • Anthelmintics Malignant and Immune disease (L)Anticancer agents • Immunostimulators • Immunosuppressants Muscles, Bones, and Joints (M)Anabolic steroidsAnti-inflammatories • Antirheumatics • Corticosteroids • Muscle relaxants Brain and Nervous system (N)Anesthetics • Analgesics • Anticonvulsants • Mood stabilizers  • Anxiolytics • Antipsychotics • Antidepressants • Nervous system stimulants • Sedatives Respiratory system (R)Bronchodilators • Decongestants  • Antihistamines

The Science of Pharmacology

Membrane transport protein: ion channels (TC 1A) Ca2+: Calcium channel Ligand-gated Voltage-gated Na+: Sodium channel Constitutively active Proton-gated Voltage-gated K+: Potassium channel Calcium-activated Inward-rectifier Tandem pore domain Voltage-gated Miscellaneous Cl: Chloride channel H+: Proton channel M+: CNG cation channel M+: TRP cation channel H2O (+ solutes): Porin Cytoplasm: Gap junction By gating mechanism Ion channel class see also disorders Retrieved from "[]"
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