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The WikiDoc Living Textbook of Laboratory Findings

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Disease States

Abnormal clinical and laboratory findings (R70-R94, 790-796) Blood testRed blood cellsElevated ESR - Anisocytosis - Poikilocytosis - Reticulocytosis - Inclusion bodies (Howell-Jolly body, Heinz body) Small moleculesblood sugar: Abnormal glucose tolerance test - Hyperglycemia - Impaired glucose tolerance - Prediabetes
other small molecules: Azotemia - Hyperuricemia Enzymes/other proteinsElevated transaminases - Cardiac marker - Elevated alpha-fetoprotein MineralsIron overload disorder Pathogens/sepsisBacteremia - Viremia - Fungemia - Parasitemia Urine testProteinuriaAlbuminuria/Microalbuminuria - Myoglobinuria - Hemoglobinuria Small moleculesGlycosuria - Ketonuria - Bilirubinuria Red blood cellsHematuria OtherChyluria - Crystalluria OtherAbnormal basal metabolic rate - Latent tuberculosis Acute-phase proteins Amyloid Other positive Negative Proteins: Globular proteins Serum globulins Alpha globulins serpins: carrier proteins: other: Beta globulins carrier proteins: other: Gamma globulin Other Other globulins Albumins Egg white Serum albumin Other Antibodies: autoantibodies Anti-nuclear antibodyAnti-gp210 - Anti-p62 - Anti-centromere - Anti-topoisomerase - Anti-sp100 OtherAnti-actin - Anti-apolipoprotein - Anti-cardiolipin - Anti-citrullinated peptide - Anti-ganglioside - Anti-mitochondrial antibody - Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody - Anti-phopsholipid - Anti-thrombin - Anti-transglutaminase - Lupus anticoagulant - Rheumatoid factor Retrieved from "[]"
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Table of Contents In Alphabetical Order | By Individual Diseases | Signs and Symptoms | Physical Examination | Lab Tests | Drugs

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