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Marco Greco (born in Milan, Italy July 31, 1947) is an Italian medical doctor.

Specialized in general surgery, oncology, and radiology, he is the director of the operating unit of senology at the “Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori di Milano” (National Institute for the Study and Cure of Tumors of Milan). In addition to this, Greco serves as the Directive president of National Italian Society of Senology, and "Segretario Generale" (Secretary General) of the European Society of Mastology.

The author of hundreds of banns on scientific reviews of international prestige on research in oncology and senology, he recently has published "Noi ci salveremo" (November 2004), a book that informs women about breast cancer. The proceeds of the copyrights are donated to the studies of the INT of Milan.

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