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Out of the Blue - 12 by Simon Armitage | Scottish Poetry Library

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Out of the Blue – 12

Simon Armitage

You have picked me out.
Through a distant shot of a building burning
you have noticed now
that a white cotton shirt is twirling, turning.

In fact I am waving, waving.
Small in the clouds, but waving, waving.
Does anyone see
a soul worth saving?

So when will you come?
Do you think you are watching, watching
a man shaking crumbs
or pegging out washing?

I am trying and trying.
The heat behind me is bullying, driving,
but the white of surrender is not yet flying.
I am not at the point of leaving, diving.

A bird goes by.
The depth is appalling. Appalling
that others like me
should be wind-milling, wheeling, spiralling, falling.

Are your eyes believing,
that here in the gills
I am still breathing.

But tiring, tiring.
Sirens below are wailing, firing.
My arm is numb and my nerves are sagging.
Do you see me, my love. I am failing, flagging.

Simon Armitage

From Out of the Blue (Enitharmon Press, 2008)

Reproduced by kind permission of the publisher, Enitharmon Press

About this poem

The poem-film Out of the Blue is a response to the fifth anniversary of 9.11.

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