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Copyright © 2019 OCLC welcomePiCartaNCC and subcataloguesOnline ContentsKluwerSpecial catalogues   Welcome to PiCarta, the portal to the NCC, the Dutch Union Catalogue and to other databases PiCarta has a secure connection: []. Access via http will be rerouted. Before you can search you have to identify yourself. The catalogue "WSF 13 onder 1 knop" and a few special catalogues can be accessed without login. Please type your name/number and password and click the send button.

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The personal data presented in ‘PiCarta’ come from your library or yourself. These data as well as the request data are provided by OCLC B.V. recorded in the central PiCarta file.
OCLC B.V. is a facilitator and only records these data in order to be able to execute services for the benefit of the libraries.
OCLC is not responsible for the content of the data contained in the database. The personal data are not used for any other purpose - except for usage statistics - and will not be provided to third parties by OCLC.
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