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Published: Friday, 26 October 2012 20:57
a Euronaval 2012 - Show Daily News DCNS unveils the new FREMM-ER sporting phased-array antenna and anti-ballistic missile capability At the 23rd EURONAVAL show, DCNS unveiled the new FREMM-ER (for Extend Range) Frigate dedicated to Air Defense missions. The new design is based on the Aquitaine class of Frigates therefore retaining all the qualities of the existing multi-mission frigate while bringing some extra capabilities to tackle future threats such as ballistic missiles. Gilles Langlois, Business/Product Development Director, Surface Ship Systems gave us a briefing on DCNS' latest warship project during Euronaval 2012 The FREMM-ER (Extended Range) brings enhanced anti-air capabilities. Thanks to its four-panel phased-array antenna and continuous hemispherical coverage, the new radar can detect and track threats at unprecedented ranges enabling the combat management system (CMS) to exploit the ship’s current and future weapons systems to the full. These capabilities are particularly important for littoral operations, in bad weather and against increasingly stealthy threats.
The new FREMM-ER would make a perfect CVBG escort, not only to protect the Carrier Battle Group from Air threats, but from below surface threats as well thanks to its unique multi-mission capabilities
(Picture: DCNS)

The FREMM-ER was designed with a focus on Air Defense and Anti Ballistic Missile Defense. The hull and general platform of the vessel is almost identical to the French Navy's and DCNS' FREMM class. However the two masts (Herakles radar and electronic warfare) found on the current FREMM (such as the Aquitaine frigate) is replaced by a new radar by Thales called SF 500 (or Sea Fire 500).

DCNS told us that a FREMM-ER would be able to fulfill the exact same missions as the current FREMM. Indeed, FREMM-ER has the same multi-mission capabilities as FREMM, in particular extensions capability can be installed on FREMM-ER such as:
- Increased ASW capabilities with a VDS (variable depth sonar)
- Increased land attack capabilities with MDCN (Scalp Naval by MBDA)

FREMM-ER's CIC (Combat Information Center) shares the same characteristics as the CIC found on FREMM:
- Large workstations
- Multipurpose Consoles
- Modular configuration

The SETIS modular CMS (Combat Management System) developed by DCNS and the CIC area can implement new and future innovations as they become mature. In FREMM-ER, sailors for example will be able to use augmented reality in the fight against asymmetric threats.

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