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Browse an alphabetical list
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Without javascript you can do simple search and retrieval of items from MnPALS.

Some services are not available without javascript:
  • Your Account functions like online renewals, placing holds, or requesting items from ILL
  • Linking out of the catalog with URLs to the full text of online materials
  • Extending your search through linked authors, titles or subjects.

Search hints:

Keyword Search assumes you want all the words you type to be:
  • Anywhere in Record to find words in titles, author names, subject headings or chapter titles, that describe your topic
  • Subject to look for words that are part of authorized subject headings
  • Titles to look for words that might be in a title or to invent titles you hope exist on your topic
  • Authors when you aren't sure of the exact name of the person or organization, but know part of it

Browse creates an alphabetical or numeric list beginning with the term you type. Browse when you know:
  • exactly how the title starts
  • the author's last name and (at least) first initial
  • an authorized subject heading used for your topic
  • the beginning or entire call number

Lower-case letters will find matches of capitalized words also. For example, railroad will find matches for railroad, Railroad and RAILROAD.

Boolean operators are available only for Keyword searching. The Boolean operator AND is assumed. You may also create a search string using the Boolean operators OR and NOT. Example: (logging and lumber) NOT Minnesota.

The Advanced Search Page offers the ability to do more complex searches.

Use the ? character to find matches that contain portions of words. For example, agri? will retrieve agri, agribusiness, agriculture, agricultural, agriculturist, etc. In another example, ?ology will retrieve anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc. The ? character may also be used to find variant spellings. For example, wom?n will find both the singular woman and the plural women.

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