MediaGlyphs Project - Introduction

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Introduction {}

The MediaGlyphs project aims to create an auxiliary language based upon multimedia ideograms (named "mediaglyphs"). It offers a very simple and interesting way to learn new words in other languages. Part of the project is to create, with help from the Internet Community, a huge multilingual vocabulary database that uses mediaglyphs as the glue between the languages.

What is the MediaGlyphs project?

  1. MediaGlyphs is a project to create a new easy auxiliary international language based on multimedia ideograms (named "mediaglyphs"). Everybody would be able to read (think, type, ...) in their own language allowing cross-cultural communication while at the same time protecting the diversity of local languages. [ Rationale  ] [ Language goals  ]

    Using a software interface, you can type sentences in your own language; the sentences are converted to mediaglyphs and transmitted to other users who can read them in their own mother tongue. The input phase is interactive (with possibility to select - in case of ambiguity - the intended words), and this overcomes the many problems of automatic translation.  [ Try it!  ]

  2. MediaGlyphs project is a simple and stimulating way to learn new words in other languages and can hence be used by students as a language self-learning resource, and by teachers as educational material. For example: [ Vocabulary list generator  ]

    In particular, MediaGlyphs project is a facilitated way to learn and teach the Chinese language, using the glyphs as alternatives to chinese characters. This is possible because MediaGlyphs grammar is modeled after the Chinese grammar.

  3. MediaGlyphs project is a way to preserve the richness of the world's linguistic diversity and help its survival: sadly more and more languages are becoming extinct or have already disappeared. Uniting without uniforming, integrating without levelling. Languages are not stored as frozen samples but maintained as alive and usable entities.

    The project curators maintain a continuously growing semantic multi-language database (words arranged by meaning and presented in organised machine readable form). The latest version of our databases is always available:  [ CVS repository  ] [ Terms of use  ]

  4. MediaGlyphs project is a collaborative and non-commercial effort to create an international project/language which is not "?"-centric (eurocentric, malecentric, righthandedcentric...) and not "?"-ist (racist, sexist, fundamentalist...)  [..MORE..]

  5. MediaGlyphs project is an attempt to create a computer parsable language that can be used for programming and for Artificial Intelligence research. A language that both humans and computers can understand.  [..MORE..]

  6. MediaGlyphs project is a way to communicate concepts and sentences through music (singing, playing, listening)  [..MORE..] , coloured shapes or touch. [..MORE..]

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