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Tourism and Destination of Lombok Island of Indonesia

Kuta Beach Lombok: The Dramatic Crystal Clear Beach

Date publish May 23, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Kuta Beach is identical with one of the most famous beaches in Bali, but actually if you think that Kuta Beach in Bali is so beautiful, then you will get stunned when you reach the Kuta Beach Lombok. Located on the south part of Lombok Readmore...

Benang Kelambu Waterfall, The Stunning Natural Curtain

Date publish April 29, 2013 in category Nature

If you want to feel amazed by the nature of Lombok island, then you should visit Benang Kelambu Waterfall. This waterfall might be the best waterfall in Indonesia and maybe in the whole world. There are so many waterfalls in Lombok, like one on the Readmore...

Gili Trawangan, The Stunning Island in Lombok

Date publish March 24, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Gili Trawangan is one of the most popular Gili or islands in Lombok. Not only is the island served stunning beach and great nature, but also nightlife. From early in the morning to later afternoon, we can enjoy various outdoor activities and tan your skin Readmore...

Catching Sea Worm and Snorkeling on Seger Beach

Date publish March 23, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

When you are visiting Kuta Beach, make sure to allocate your time to go to Seger Beach. The beach is located only about 2km from the East of Kuta Beach. Since the location is near with Kuta, make sure to take a visit it also. Readmore...

Ekas Bay, The Total Rejuvenation and Food of the Soul

Date publish March 22, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Ekas Bay should be your destination at lombok travel guide if you are looking for the simplest and the most traditional way of rejuvenation. On this tranquil place, you can live with the local fishermen or simply recharge your soul with the beauty of the Readmore...

Tanjung Aan Beach, Beautiful Beach with Bau Nyale Ritual

Date publish in category Beach & Gili

Lombok island Indonesia has so many stunning beaches, moreover on the south coast. One of the beaches that should be in your Lombok tourism list is Tanjung Aan Beach, the home of Princess Mandalika. The beach is facing the Indian Ocean with about 2 km Readmore...

Senggigi Lombok, Get the Adrenaline Rush Through Surfing

Date publish March 20, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

If your purpose to have an adrenaline rush through Lombok surfing or have an enjoyable time with friends canoeing or swimming, then Senggigi Lombok is the right place to go. Senggigi Beach is the best place to do various sport activities. If you want to Readmore...

Gili Air, a Slight of Heaven under The Sea

Date publish March 19, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Gili Air is serving us the magnificent natural water park. The name “Air” means “water” in Bahasa Indonesia, so in the island we will be able to find so many attractions related to water. This island is located in the northwest side of Lombok island. Readmore...

Lombok Surfing: Conquer the Waves of Gerupuk Bay

Date publish March 18, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Surfing in Lombok is one of fun and challenging sea activities. If you want to do surfing in Lombok beach, come and visit Gerupuk bay. This area is famous for the flying waves which will pump your adrenaline. As a small island, Lombok has many Readmore...

The Exoticism of Gili Meno

Date publish March 12, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Peace, this is the first impression you will get when you step your feet in Gili Meno. This Gili Lombok is serving a rejuvenation. Therefore, no wonder if this Gili is often become a honeymoon destination. If Gili Trawangan is known as a party island Readmore...

Kaliantan Beach, The Tranquil Lombok Beach

Date publish March 6, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

Tranquil, that is the advantage of Kaliantan beach besides the beach’s conditions which indeed clean and beautiful. This Lombok beach is perfect for you who like quite place to refresh your soul. In Sasak tribe’s culture, there us a ceremony which is quite famous called Readmore...

Sire beach

Date publish January 8, 2013 in category Beach & Gili

North lombok district is indeed has various attractive tourism objects which worth visited. One of them is sire beach. In Sire beach, you can spend times with family, and if the weather is good, you could see Rinjani mount from different angle. Sire beach is Readmore...

Learn to Weave at Sukarara Village

Date publish January 1, 2013 in category Art & Culture

Weaved cloth is one of traditional arts of Lombok island which has special and distinct beauty. You can find that when you’re in Sukarara village and you will hear traditional weaving tool, not a machine. This village indeed is a village which already wide known Readmore...

Reaching Spiritual Tranquility at Pangsung Temple

Date publish December 25, 2012 in category Temple

Besides Hindu’s strong characteristic and religious atmosphere, natural and shady nuance seems become a characteristic for Hindu praying place. So does with the Pengsong temple which is in Pengsong mountain. This mountain is able to create tranquility which fit to your spiritual tourism. The real Readmore...

Mawun Beach

Date publish December 18, 2012 in category Beach & Gili

From many beaches in Lombok Island especially in the south side, many beaches which are still unpopular, though the condition are quite well. Many factors caused this thing, but the main thing is the inadequate infrastructure and the less clean condition. Mawun beach is included Readmore...

To Choose Various Kind of Pearls at Sekarbela Village

Date publish December 11, 2012 in category Art & Culture

Lombok Island has been famous world wide as one of the best pearl producers. Its position as producer has been perfected with the existence of many pearl handicraft centers. One of them is Sekarbela village. Sekarbela is actually a name of one of administrative environments Readmore...

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