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BELGIAN LIFEWATCH OBSERVATORY Latest News 2020-07-06Rare European pine marten captured by the camera trap network
The camera trap network CATREIN recently captured a European pine marten on image in Heverleebos, a forest south of the city of Leuven, Belgium.
2020-06-22Complete: EMODnet Biology workshop on data formatting, QC & publishing
Our (EMODnet Biology’s) first ever, completely online workshop has ended! During the past two weeks, around 50 people have dedicated their time to learning everything about formatting and quality controlling...
2020-06-18The tripod frame: mooring acoustic receivers on the seabed
A new design to overcome the challenges of installing acoustic receivers on the seabed.
2020-06-08World Oceans Day: LifeWatch contributions to the World Ocean Assessment Report
On this World Oceans Day 2020, we are happy to announce that LifeWatch is contributing to the upcoming UN World Ocean Assessment Report.
2020-06-03UPDATE: EMODnet Biology workshop on data formatting QC & publishing
Due to the current pandemic and the travel restrictions, the EMODnet Biology team will provide the workshop as an online event.
Overview Bio-Oracle World Register of Marine Species LifeWatch Data Explorer LifeWatch-WB ecotope database Land surface dynamics by remote sensing iAtlas Events and Workshops Overview Twitter 2020-07-06Antonarctica RT @FAIRsharing_org
With contribution from the @resdatall & @force11rescomm #FAIRsharing WG! #COVIDー19 #data #metadata #standards #repositories #researchdatamanagement #reproducibility #FAIRdata []
2020-07-06Antonarctica RT @Glossopetalon
Today is the first day of #BlackBotanistsWeek and we're highlighting our #BlackRoots through our #BlackBotanicalLegacy. An unsung #Botany101 hero is Antione, a botanical genius who successfully produced a new variety of thin shelled pecan. 1/5 []
Great meeting so far. Getting ready to watch my talk... at least there are no artcic animals in it... []
2020-07-06LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset s halfway here: Have you heard of the @TaraOcean_ expeditions? because we have.. 👀🔎🦐 Metadata already in IMIS --> ([] to 6521) Find out more in [] @EMODnet @emblebi @LifeWatchVLIZ @jmeesvliz @oceanomics_pia @SBRoscoff []
2020-07-06LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset 🔎📜🦀🦐🦀💻✔️ “Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Crustacea Collection” -- available via [] Image by wilitocricri @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @RBINSmuseum []
2020-07-05WRMarineSpecies RT @AustSocFishBiol
The first marine fish to become extinct was a Tasmanian. This year, the smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) became the first modern-day marine fish to be declared extinct. The species was only known from one specimen collected in the early 1800s. [] []
2020-07-04WRMarineSpecies RT @WayneMaddison
Stunning misinterpretation by @Clarivate/@WebOfScience in their decision to suppress citation counts for all papers in @Zootaxa. This damages the entire field of zoological taxonomy, and in particular researchers from developing countries.
2020-07-03LifeWatchVLIZ RT @oscibio
While searching for wild boar through our #lifewatch camera trap network, we discovered European pine marten which was assumed to be extinct in the region of #Heverlee @LifeWatchVLIZ []
2020-07-03LifeWatchVLIZ RT @LifeWatchERIC
📣1 job opportunity in Lecce and 3 in Amsterdam!📣 Apply to join LifeWatch ERIC team. Info and details available here 👇 [] #jobalert #Vacancy #workwithus #hiringnow []
2020-07-02WRMarineSpecies RT @Sci_Hub
... articles downloaded from Sci-hub were cited 1.72 times more than papers not downloaded from Sci-hub and that the number of downloads from Sci-hub was a robust predictor of future citations [] []
2020-07-02LifeWatchVLIZ RT @VerhelstPJ
Acoustic telemetry is often analysed from the detection-at-receiver perspective. But what about detections between receivers? Check it out in our latest paper: []@MarBiol2019. Collaboration between @MarBiol2019, @FbwUGent, @INBOVlaanderen and @LifeWatchVLIZ . #ETN
2020-07-01WRMarineSpecies RT @DevoogdNicole
Major setback for the impact of taxomomy as @clarivate has exluded @zootaxa for the 2019 based impact factor. IF is important for many reseachers and some are already withdrawing their submissions.....
2020-07-01WRMarineSpecies RT @datopian
A crucial tool for any organisation, data portals perform a range of functions, from providing an easily-searchable catalog of your data to enabling data visualisations and enhancement. Read our guide here: [] #datamanagement #data
2020-07-01LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset 🔎📜🐟🐟🐟💻✔️ “Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Pisces Collection” -- available via [] Image by Praveen @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @RBINSmuseum []
2020-07-01WRMarineSpecies RT @WRMarineSpecies
In honor of the late Kristian Fauchald, we celebrate 1 July as International Polychaete Day, since 2015 [] @WPolyDb #PolychaeteDay #InternationalPolychaeteDay []
2020-06-30LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset 50K+ occurrence records with abundance data associated for 30 years in: 🐟 🐟 🔎 “Young Fish Survey Data 1981 to 2010” 💻 ✔️ 🐟 🐟 -- available via [] @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @CefasGovUK @DASSH @ICES_ASC []
2020-06-30LifeWatchVLIZ RT @LifeWatchERIC
Don't miss this opportunity! Last day to apply to become LifeWatch ERIC Project Manager for #ENVRIFAIR Project. Information is available on [] #JobAlert #HIRINGNOW []
2020-06-29LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset Time for some more historical data: 🔎📜 “Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Vertebrates/Types Collection” -- available via [] Image by Cedricguppy @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @RBINSmuseum []
2020-06-28WRMarineSpecies RT @esargent184 2020-06-26LifeWatchVLIZ RT @EurOBIS_VLIZ
#NewDataset Time for some historical data: 🔎📜 “Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Echinodermata Collection” -- available via [] #DejaVu ? @jmeesvliz @EMODnet #Biology @LifeWatchVLIZ @RBINSmuseum []
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