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ISNI 0000000112505688 AAU.

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ISNI ISNI:  0000 0001 1250 5688 Name Name:  AAU. Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa University (Not for Profit Organization) Addis Ababa universitya Addisaaba Yuniversttiyaa Ethiopia Addis Ababa University Haile Selassie I university (Addis-Abéba) Haile Sellassie I university (Addis-Abéba) National University Addis Ababā National university (Addis-Abéba) Université Haile Sellassie I (Addis-Abéba) University Addis Ababā University Addis Ababā, National University University of Addis Ababa ʾAdis ʾAbabā yunivarsiti Location / Nationality Location / Nationality:  Ethiopia Ethiopia Addis Ababa Creation class Creation class:  Language material Creation role Creation role:  creator originator Related names Related names:  Haile Sellassie I University (see also from) National University (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) (see also from) National University Addis Ababā (see also from) University Addis Ababā (see also from) University college (Addis-Abéba) (see also from) University college Addis-Abéba (see also from) ya- Qadāmāwi Ḫāyla Šellāsē Yuniversiti Addis Ababā (see also from) Titles Titles:  25th anniversary, information booklet A.A.U. meleket Addis Ababa University, major events, 1974-1984, with directory of principal units. Addis Ababa University project on post-graduate and under-graduate training and research on food and nutrition. African perspective on the New International Economic Order Ethiopia in fine arts : on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Victory Day and the 11th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies ethiopian icons catalogue of the collection of the institute of ethiopian studies addis ababa university health and labor productivity Ḥisāb. Hissab Information on research and teaching materials, 1974-1979. Institute of Development Research : 25th anniversary, information booklet. Malakat Meleket president's report, The presidents report 1973 74, the Proposal for collaborative teaching, training, and research programme in the fields of water and soil resource management Secondary teacher education in Ethiopia [Symposium on the African Perspective on the New International Economic Order, May 3-9, 1981, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : papers Three decades of university education (1950-1980). Umweltgerechte Nutzung und nachhaltige Entwicklung ländlicher Räume workshop alumni Programm, 03.09. bis 05.09.2002, Addis Ababa Universität, Graduate School Conference Saal ; Schwerpunkte: Wasser- und Abwasserbehandlung, Abfallentsorgung und Landschaftsbau wolaytta haysiya wolayttatto qaalatu amaaratto birshshettaa 1991 1998 or Workshop on Graduate Studies and Research in Science and Technology. Ya1971 ʻā.me. yaprézidāntu riport. Yaḥisab maṣḥét YaPrézidāntu ʻāmatāwi riport YaPrézidāntu rāpor Yasalāsā ʻāmat yayunivarsiti temhert baʼItyoṗyā 1943-1973. YaʼAdaré beḥérasab yaleǧoč geṭmoč Zénā lesān (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : 1999) Zénā lesān yaʼItyop̣yā qwānqwāwoč ṭenātenā meremer māʼekal maṣḥét, ʼAdis ʼAbabā yunivarsiti : journal of the Ethiopian Languages Research Center, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Zena lissan ʼItyop̣yā baśena ṭebab : la 50ñāw ʻāmat yadelqan baʻālenā la 11ǹāw yaʼItyop̣yā ʻālam ʻaqaf tenāt gubaʻé matasābiyā yatazagāǧa Notes Notes: Wikipedia, viewed 28 July 2016 (Addis Ababa University, a state university in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Originally called the University College of Addis Ababa at its establishment in 1950, it was later renamed Haile Selassie I University in 1962 and received its current name in 1975) [] Sources Sources:  VIAF VIAF VIAF VIAF DNB LC NUKAT SUDOC BL BNF ISNI 1