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ISNI 0000000083903643 Gillray, .. (1756-1815)

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ISNI ISNI:  0000 0000 8390 3643 Name Name:  Gillray, .. Gillray (James) Gillray, James (British caricaturist, 1757-1815) Gilray, James James Gillray James Gillray (britischer Karikaturist) James Gillray (Brits karikaturist (1757-1815)) James Gillray (disegnatore inglese) James Gillray (English caricaturist and printmaker) Гилрей, Джеймс Джеймс Гілрей Джэймс Гілрэй جيمس جيلري ギルレイ, ジェイムズ 詹姆斯·吉尔雷 Dates Dates:  1756-1815 Creation class Creation class:  cre Language material Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic Creation role Creation role:  author contributor illustrator Related names Related names:  Anónimo español s. XIX Biencourt (18..-18..? donateur) Brocas, William (ca. 1794-1868) Dalrymple, John (17..-1... dessinateur) Gillray, James (1757-1815) Guratzsch, Herwig (1944-) Hill, Draper Humphrey, H. (17..-18.. éditeur) Humphrey, H. (17..-18.. éditeur) Humphrey, Hannah (17..-18.) Lesouëf, Auguste (1829-1906) Martin, Ernest Walter (1912-2005)) Piltz, Georg (1925-2011) Vinck, Carl de (1859-19.) Wilkinson, Robert (17..-1... éditeur) Wright, Thomas (1810-1877) 伊丹市立美術館 Titles Titles:  Apotheosis of the Corsican-Phoenix [estampe] Consequences of a successful French invasion [n. 1. Plate 2nd] [estampe] Daily advertiser [estampe] «Dido, in Despair !» Caricature contre lady Hamilton [estampe] Dumourier dining in state at St. James's, on the 15th of May, 1793 Effusions of a pot of porter, or, Ministerial conjurations for supporting the war, as lately discover'd by Dr P _ r [Parr], in the froth and fumes of his favorite beverage [estampe] Egyptian Sketches extracted from the Portfolio of an ingenious young Artist attached to the Institut National at Cairo, which was found on board a Tartane intercepted on its Voyage to Marseilles [estampe] Exit Liberté à la françois ! or Buonaparte closing the farce of Egalité, at St Cloud near Paris Nov.r 10th 1799 [estampe] explanation, The Fashionable contrasts, 1966: Fighting for the dunghill or Jack Tar settling Citoyen François [estampe] FILOSOFO INGLES EXAMINANDO PROLIXAMENTE AL SEÑOR NAPOLEON, UN first Kiss this ten Years ! - or - the meeting of Britannia [and] Citizen François [estampe] Flemish characters french hail storm - or - Neptune loosing sight of the Brest Fleet, A French invasion or John Bull bombarding the bum-boats [estampe] Genius of France nurcing her darling [estampe] Gillray and Cruikshank, 1973: Grand Coronation-Procession, of Napoleone the Emperor of France, from the Church of Notre-Dame, Dec.r 2.d 1804 [estampe] Grand-signior retiring, The Habits of new French legislators, and other public functionaries [estampe] hand-writing upon the wall, The "Improvement in weight & measures" or Sir John Seeclear discove ring ye ballance of ye British flag [estampe] James Gillray : the art of caricature : [Tate Britain, 06 June-02 September 2001 king of Brobdingnag and Gulliver, The Magnanimous ally painted at Petersburg 1799 [estampe] Mamlouk et hussard republicain general result of Buonaparte's attack upon Ibrahim Bey's rearguard [estampe] marriage of Cupid &Psyche, The Matrimonial harmonics Membre de la Haute Cour de justice [estampe] membres du Conseil des Anciens, Les Ministre d'Etat, en grand costume [estampe] modern belle going to the rooms at Bath, A Monstrous craws, at a new coalition feast [Mr. Franco] Nelson's victory or Good news operating upon loyal feelings [estampe] New morality; or The promis'd installment of the high-priest of the Theophilanthropes, with the homage of Leviathan and his suite new way to pay the national-debt, A Nightly visitors, at St. Ann's Hill nuptial-bower; - with the evil-one, peeping at the charms of Eden, from Milton, The O sacra dieu ! de King is escape ! de King is escape ! [dessin] Patriotic regeneration, viz. Parliament reform'd, a la Francoise, that is honest men (i.e. oppositon) in the seat of justice. Vide Carmagnol Expectations petit souper, a la parisienne, Un : - or - a Family of sans-culotts refreshing, after the fatigues of the day [estampe] Phaeton alarm'd! Philanthropic Consolations, after the loss of the Slave-Bill Physical air,-or-Britannia recover'd from a trance;-also, the patriotic courage of Sherry Andrew; &a peep thro' the fog Pizarro contemplating over the product of his new Peruvian mine Plumb-pudding in danger, or, State epicures taking un petit souper ..., The Political See Politische Schauckel." portrait, A Posting in Ireland.-- "Praetor-Urbanus;"--Inauguration of the Coptic Mayor of Cairo, preceded by the Procureur de la Commune Presages of the millenium Presentation of the Mahometan credentials or The final resource of French atheists Président d'administration municipale prophet of the Hebrews, The Prince of peace conducting the Jews to the Promis'd-Land, The rake's progress at the university., The reception in Holland, The [Recueil. Oeuvre de James Gillray] Rights of man" or Tommy Paine, the little American taylor, taking the measure of the crown for a new pair of Revolution-breeches [estampe], "The satirical etchings of James Gillray, The schouwtoneel van de wereld: De napoleontische oorlogen (recto). Lijst van onderwerpen die ‘het talent van de Britse kunstenaars waardig zijn' (verso), Het Search-night; or State-watchmen, mistaking honest-men for conspirators.--Vide State Arrests Shrine at S.T Ann's Hill [estampe] Spanish-bull-fight,--or--the Corsican matador in danger, The «Spanish-Patriots attacking the French-Banditti - Loyal Britons lending a lift -» Parmi ces patriotes espagnols figurent un évêque et des moines, voire des nonnes, qui ne sont pas les moins enragées contre les bandits français [estampe] state tinkers, The Stealing off; - or - prudent Secession Storm rising, or the Republican Flotilla in danger [estampe] Surrénder of Ulm - or - Buonapartè [and] Gen.l Mack, coming to a right Understanding, -- intended as a specimen of French Victories - i. e. - Conquering without Bloodshed !!! [estampe] Tales of wonder! Taming of the shrew: -Katharine & Petruchio; -The modern Quixotte, or, what you will theatrical bubble;--being a new specimen of the astonishing powers of the great politico - Punchinello, in the art of dramatic puffing, The Théologie á la turque. The pale of the Church of Mahomet Tiddy-Doll, the great French gingerbread-baker drawing out a new batch of kings - his man, Hopping Talley, mixing up the dough "Tirailleur français et chevau léger de l'armée du pacha de Rhodes" evolutions of French mounted riflemen [estampe] Tree of Liberty with the Devil tempting John Bull [estampe] True reform of Parliament,--i.e.--patriots lighting a revolutionary-bonfire in new Palace Yard twin stars, Castor &Pollux, The Uncorking old sherry United Irishmen upon duty Valley of the Shadow of Death [estampe] Very slippy-weather Visiting the sick William Cobbett, 1904: works of James Gillray, from the original plates, with the addition of many subjects not before collected., The works of James Gillray, The : 582 plates and supplement containing the 45 so-called "suppressed plates." ジェイムズ・ギルレイ展 : 諷刺が語るー18世紀末英国事情 : 館蔵品目錄 Notes Notes:  Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikidata Sources Sources:  VIAF BNE DNB JPG LC N6I NDL NKC NLI PTBNP SELIBR SUDOC WKD BNF NTA TEL 1