ISNI 0000000025178770 Burke, Katherine (1917-1992)

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ISNI ISNI:  0000 0000 2517 8770 Name Name:  Burke, Katherine Field, Margaret Cynthia Field, Margaret Cynthia (Wirklicher Name) Field, Virginia Virginia Field (actrice britannique) Virginia Field (britische Schauspielerin) Virginia Field (British actress) Virginia Field (britisk skodespelar) Virginia Field (britisk skuespiller) Virginia Field (Brits actrice (1917-1992)) Virginia Field (brittisk skådespelare) Филд, Вирджиния Dates Dates:  1917-1992 Related names Related names:  Fairbanks, Douglas Jr., 1909-2000 Fox, Frederick B. Francis, Arlene Gordon, Max (1892-1978) Kaufman, George S. (1889-1961) Kaufman, George Simon (1889-1961) Morgan, Frank (1890-1949) National Theatre Corporation (Washington, D.C.) Nolan, Doris (1916-1998) Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress) Whelan, Arleen (1916-) Titles Titles:  Ali Baba goes to town [MP] 1937: doughgirls., The [Firebird] [Firebrand] Notes Notes:  Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikipedia [] Wikidata Sources Sources:  VIAF DNB LC WKD BNF 1