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IHO Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica (HCA)

3 rd HCA Meeting
 8-10 September, 2003 (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: mai 24, 2013

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes

Document No

Document Title

HCA3-1A rev.7 List of Documents HCA3-1B rev.3 List of Participants  HCA3-3A Agenda HCA3-3B Annotated Agenda HCA3-3C Draft Timetable HCA3-4A rev.1 Status of Actions List from HCA2 HCA3-6.1A rev.1 Chart Scheme for Region M “Antarctica”
Note: After decompressing this ZIP file, extract the resulting two MS Word (.doc) files in your directory at the same time. Then read first HCA3-6.1A_INT-Region_M.doc, which contains hyperlinks to the other file: Sup_RegionM.doc. HCA3-6.3A rev.2 GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names for Region M "Antarctica" HCA3-6.3B Proposal for the preparation of a new International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) HCA3-6.3C Report about of the GEBCO Centenary Conference and the new Edition of the GEBCO Digital Atlas Centenary Edition (GDA CE) Collection of National Reports  HCA3-6.4A Norway Report HCA3-6.4B UK Report HCA3-6.4C Italy Report HCA3-6.4D China Report  HCA3-6.4E New Zealand Report HCA3-6.4F Australia Report HCA3-6.4G Spain Report HCA3-6.4H Republic of Korea Report   HCA3-6.4I Germany Report  HCA3-6.4J India Report HCA3-6.4K Chile Report HCA3-6.4L Japan Report HCA3-6.5A Report on S-59  HCA3-7.1A SCAR Expert Group on Geospatial Information (GIG) - Report on 2000 - 2002 Activities HCA3-7.5A IAATO Report Information Papers HCA3-INF1 Minutes of the 2nd HCA Meeting, South Africa, 2001 HCA3-INF2 HCA Statutes as approved by the 2nd HCA Meeting in 2001 HCA3-INF3 Revised Technical Resolution T 1.3 as approved by IHC-XVI, 2002 HCA3-INF4 IHO Report to IMO on Remote Areas HCA3-INF5 IHO Report to ATCM-XXVI HCA3-INF6 Resolution 3 (2003) of ATCM-XXVI on Co-operation in Hydrographic Survey and Charting of Antarctic Waters HCA3-INF7 Report of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) , 2002-2003 HCA3-INF8 IAATO Overview of Antarctic Tourism HCA3-INF9 Ross Sea Region Strategy (NZ) HCA3-INF10 Extract from NAV 49 Report (IMO) on Hydrography and Charting in Remote Areas HCA3-INF11 Restrictions on the use of multibeam systems in Antarctic waters, decreed by the German Federal Environmental Agency