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Project HappyChild - linking children all across the world

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free worksheets » English Hungarian uc French Malay uc Romanian Bulgarian Dutch Arabic Mandarin » « Chinese TC Urdu Russian Chinese SC Italian German Spanish Turkish Polish « Cantonese Visits since 4th March 1998: see our Latest News page Project HappyChild  has 16 areas 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 click any area to access

Project HappyChild is
a massive project to
link children
all across the world.

We hope you will choose to
become part of this.

We're building an index of Educational
available on the Internet for
schools, parents and children,

constructing a network of links
to schools in many countries,

and publicising initiatives
helping less fortunate children,
wherever they may be.

16 main areas lead out from this Welcome page at Project HappyChild
- you'll find descriptions of each in the table below [click to access]

Infinite Facts Series - Police letters, mountains, the Solar system, Prime Ministers, atomic numbers, Roman numerals, Morse code, Kings & Queens ..... see also Keywords for Learning AREA 1 AREA 2
Project HappyChild Directory
of organizations helping children
... details of the ways in which they help kids, plus school visits, information packs, helpline numbers, and how you can support them ...

Accelerated Learning - a huge resource of articles
by World Silver Medallist Michael Tipper on
Memory Training, the "Amazing Brain", Mnemonics,
"Great Minds", Book Reviews ... see also
Feature Articles AREA 3 AREA 4
Free Worksheets & Educational Resources - index to huge range of free resources available across the Internet as well as where to find your local premiership football club website, cricket clubs, the Royal Family, the Vatican and much, much more ....
Bricks and Mortar : Basic Reading Skills - complete free-to-print system for teaching children to read in English - used successfully with new learners, special needs, refugee children and adult non-readers AREA 5 AREA 6
News & Views - worldwide projects helping children, FOCUS [eg landmines, playing fields, playgrounds, and custom-made seating for disabled children], stories (eg "Glaxibel The Avenger"), articles like "How to Prevent Cot Death" (written by a forensic scientist in New Zealand), poems such as "Unity", jokes, artwork, Aesop's Fables, latest site news, Newsletter archives, and Guestbook
Fundraising & Resources - Events Calendar, Sponsors, Quizzes, Free Resources, Resources Required, and the on-line serialization of "How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser" by Lance Winslow III AREA 7 AREA 8
Syndromes Links - where to find help for children
- includes dyslexia, asthma, eczema, rare syndromes, special needs, profound handicaps and much more

Schools Interchange - massive project to enable kids to link up safely across the world - currently links through "local" school-nets to 400,000 schools and universities worldwide AREA 9 AREA 10
Any Language to English - a huge framework of English vocabulary + verbs, with 800+ worksheets for teaching English to children worldwide; free worksheets also for Russian, Romanian, Polish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Urdu, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian + Chinese (Pinyin plus Simplified + Traditional Characters) - see also the Translators' page.
All around the world - mapping the world with a unique colour-coded index of countries worldwide, a huge resource on islands, and links to state counties all across the USA. AREA 11 AREA 12
Andy's Guide to Pokémon - hugely popular guide for kids trying to find their way through the red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, fire red, leaf green, diamond, pearl + platinum games; includes Andy's Walk Through, many Pokémon pictures + 10-11 years' worth of help sent in by visitors, plus 10 massive Pokédex pages.
Sol's Guide to The Magical World of Harry Potter - a reference source for kids to "track back" on characters, creatures, spells, etc. to gain maximum enjoyment (and understanding) of the books AREA 13 AREA 14
free-to-print French worksheets - to learn and practise the French language - unique layout allows easy use both for English-to-French and French-to-English ... also Spellings, Sounds and Meanings and several thousand free Maths worksheets, the most popular being 'Times Tables'.
Extras - "all sorts" ~ from "the Internet paintbox" to games,
from Potted Learning to Christmas carols,
from "Time and Space" to "School Exam Subjects".
Your Age in Seconds" is also now on line. AREA 15 AREA 16
3D Gridbuilding - Science - a groundbreaking approach to science - biology, physics and chemistry - clearly-worded definitions aimed at GCSE-level understanding - but linked in 3D. A bit difficult to describe! but this is "organic learning" as you have never seen it before.
See the Area 16 homepage for more details.
We'd like to thank everyone who links to this site or passes on details to friends / relatives / colleagues. Project HappyChild is non-profit and publicity is much appreciated :)

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