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1653–1661 1. Diana and her Companions
2. Christ in the House of Martha and
3. The Procuress
4. A Maid Asleep
5. Girl Reading a Letter at an Open
6. The Little Street
7. Officer and Laughing Girl
8. The Milkmaid
9. The Glass of Wine
10. The Girl with a Wine Glass
11. Girl Interrupted in her Music
12. A View of Delft
1662–1667 13. The Music Lesson
14. Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
15. Woman Holding a Balance
16. Young Woman with a Water Pitcher
17. Woman with a Lute
18. Woman with a Pearl Necklace
19. A Lady Writing
20. Girl with a Red Hat
21. Girl with a Flute
22. Girl with a Pearl Earring
23. The Concert
1667–1675 24. The Art of Painting
25. Study of a Young Woman
26. Mistress and Maid
27. The Astronomer
28. The Geographer
29. The Lacemaker
30. The Love Letter
31. The Guitar Player
32. Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid
33. Allegory of Faith
34. A Lady Standing at a Virginal
35. A Lady Seated at a Virginal
36. A Young Woman Seated at the Virginals
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Find out what is happening all over the world about Vermeer. News about exhibitions, publications, symposiums, multi-media events and much more is updated continuously to keep you thoroughly in the know about all things Vermeer.

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