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Содержание журнала "Journal of Population Economics"

№ 747 - 748
6 - 19 ноября 2017

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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Levels and trends in child mortality report 2017

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Сельское здравоохранение России в 2016 году

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Содержание журнала «Journal of Population Economics»

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Journal of Population Economics

Volume 30. 2017

Issue 3, July

Original Papers

Assisted reproductive technology and women’s choice to pursue professional careers
Sarah Kroeger, Giulia La Mattina

Knot yet: minimum marriage age law, marriage delay, and earnings
Chunbei Wang, Le Wang

Self-enforcing family rules, marriage and the (non)neutrality of public intervention
Alessandro Cigno, Mizuki Komura, Annalisa Luporini

Caring for dependent parents: Altruism, exchange or family norm?
Justina Klimaviciute, Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau, Jerome Schoenmaeckers

Daddy months
Volker Meier, Helmut Rainer

Childhood homelessness and adult employment: the role of education, incarceration, and welfare receipt
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Anna Zhu

The fiscal impact of immigration to welfare states of the Scandinavian type
Marianne Frank Hansen, Marie Louise Schultz-Nielsen, Torben Tranæs

Ageing-driven pension reforms
Jan Bonenkamp, Lex Meijdam, Eduard Ponds, Ed Westerhout

Stymied ambition: does a lack of economic freedom lead to migration?
Daniel Meierrieks, Laura Renner

Quality of migrant schools in China: evidence from a longitudinal study in Shanghai
Yuanyuan Chen, Shuaizhang Feng

Issue 4, October

Original Papers

The effect of child maltreatment on illegal and problematic behaviour: new evidence on the ‘cycle of violence’ using twins data
Violeta Misheva, Dinand Webbink, Nicholas G. Martin

The impact of high-stakes school admission exams on study achievements: quasi-experimental evidence from Slovakia
Miroslava Federičová, Daniel Münich

Gender gaps in early educational achievement
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Julie Moschion

Fertility effects of child benefits
Regina T. Riphahn, Frederik Wiynck

Family policy and maternal employment in the Czech transition: a natural experiment
Alzbeta Mullerova

A cohort perspective of the effect of unemployment on fertility
Héctor Pifarré i Arolas

Intergenerational mobility in Sweden: a regional perspective
Stefanie Heidrich

Health responses to a wealth shock: evidence from a Swedish tax reform
Oscar Erixson

Ability drain: size, impact, and comparison with brain drain under alternative immigration policies
Maurice Schiff

Sibling rivalry and gender gap: intrahousehold substitution of male and female educational investments from male migration prospects
Slesh A. Shrestha, Nethra Palaniswamy


Acknowledgement to editorial collaborators

Volume 31. 2018

Issue 1, January

Original Papers

Education, religion, and voter preference in a Muslim country
Resul Cesur, Naci Mocan

Terrorism and the integration of Muslim immigrants
Ahmed Elsayed, Andries de Grip

Immigration and internal mobility in Canada
Michel Beine, Serge Coulombe

Racial diversity, immigrants and the well-being of residents: evidence from US counties
Masanori Kuroki

Population age structure and consumption growth: evidence from National Transfer Accounts
Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner

The heterogeneous impact of pension income on elderly living arrangements: evidence from China’s new rural pension scheme
Lingguo Cheng, Hong Liu, Ye Zhang, Zhong Zhao

The effects of increasing the normal retirement age on health care utilization and mortality
Johannes Hagen

Run away? Air pollution and emigration interests in China
Yu Qin, Hongjia Zhu

The effect of natural disaster on fertility, birth spacing, and child sex ratio: evidence from a major earthquake in India
Arindam Nandi, Sumit Mazumdar, Jere R. Behrman

Optimal population and exhaustible resource constraints
Nicholas Lawson, Dean Spears

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