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Computability Logic: Literature

Computability Logic


Section 9


      9.1   Selected papers on CoL by Japaridze

      9.2   Selected papers on CoL by other authors

      9.3   PhD theses, MS theses and externally funded projects on CoL

      9.4   Lecture notes on CoL, presentations and other links

      9.5   Additional references

 9.1 Selected papers on CoL by Japaridze

  • [Jap19c]  G.Japaridze. Fundamentals of computability logic.  Research Trends in Contemporary Logic. M.Fitting, M.Pourmahdian, A.Rezus and A.Daghighi, eds. (under review)  Preprint

    9.2 Selected (SCI-indexed) papers on CoL by other authors

    9.3  PhD theses, MS theses and externally funded projects on CoL

    • W.Xu. A Study of Cirquent Calculus Systems for Computability Logic. Research project funded by the National Science Foundation of China (61303030) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (K50513700).  Xidian University, 2013-2016.
    • G.Japaridze. A Logical Study of Interactive Computational Problems Understood as Games. Research project funded by the National Science Foundation of US (CCR-0208816). Villanova University, 2002-2006.

     9.4 Lecture notes, presentations and other links

    9.5 Additional references

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