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Canadian Identification Society of Canada

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Sharing Information & Research

Providing a venue which brings together persons in the forensic professions, encourages research in their respective fields and provides a means of distributing their findings

Membership Renewals

Having confidence in your abilities and being up-to-date on the current issues facing your discipline is crucial to the success of all Forensic Identification Specialists.



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Ontario Police College, International Association of
Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, Canadian Police College, Bodziak Forensics, Foray Technologies digital imaging training programs

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Certification programs are offered by the Canadian Identification Society (CIS) in the areas of fingerprints and footwear. The certification examinations are voluntary and are offered yearly at the annual CIS training conference.

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Volume 39 no.4 December 2016

The recovery of latent Fingerprints from Paper using the electrostatic Detection Apparatus

Volume 39 no.2 June 2016

Quantitative Study of Deformation of Friction Ridge
Impressions Due to Three Different Pressures
and Two Different Movements

Volume 39 no.3 September 2016

Eestimation of Firing Distance by Anal- ysis of Gunshot residue patterns using an Alternate light Source with validation using SEM