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English: Jigsaw puzzle icon, with a keyhole. It is designed for the Wikimedia project's portals that don't have a standard graphic or image to place in portal boxes.
Источник User:Eubulides. Created with Inkscape 0.47pre4 r22446 (Oct 14 2009). This image was created from scratch and is not a derivative of any other work in the copyright sense, as it shares only nonprotectible ideas with other works. Its idea came from File:Portal icon.svg by User:Michiel1972, which in turn was inspired by File:Portal.svg by User:Pepetps and User:Ed g2s, which in turn was inspired by File:Portal.gif by User:Ausir, User:Kyle the hacker and User:HereToHelp, which was reportedly from he:File:Portal.gif (since superseded or replaced?) by User:Naama m. It is not known where User:Naama m. got the idea from.
Автор User:Eubulides
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No known restrictions on publication. This image is in the public domain so that it can be used in Wikipedia without any questions of whether it must be accompanied by a link to the file page.


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This image was created as a replacement for File:Portal icon.svg. However, it is not a derivative work, as it was created entirely from scratch. The only elements that it shares with File:Portal icon.svg (horizontal blue puzzle piece with keyhole) are so simple that they are not protectible by copyright. Whatever minor creative features that are copyrightable in File:Portal icon.svg are done quite differently in this version.

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