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Yle Fem

Yle Fem
Yle Fem logo.svg
Launched 1988 (programming block)
27 August 2001 (channel)
Closed 24 April 2017
Owned by Yle
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share 1.5% (2013, [1])
Country  Finland
Language Swedish
Broadcast area Finland
Formerly called YLE FST
(1988 - August 2006)
(August 2006 - March 2012)
Sister channel(s) Yle Fem HD
Yle TV1
Yle TV2
Yle Teema
Yle TV2 HD
Yle Teema HD
Digital Channel 5
Channel 35 (HD)
Thor 3 12.054 GHz H
Canal Digital Channel 6
Elisa Channel 5
dna Welho Channel 5
Channel 25 (HD)

Yle Fem (Yle Five) was Yle's Finland-Swedish national television channel, providing television programmes in the Swedish language in Finland. It was a public-service channel principally intended for Finland's Swedish-speaking minority. Creating understanding over the language and culture border was also one of the channel's recognized objectives.[2]

Yle Fem was previously known as FST, then YLE FST from 2001-2006 and YLE FST5 from 2006-2012[3] (Finlands Svenska Television, literally "Finland's Swedish Television") but the name was changed because the viewers thought the name was only a combination of letters (Fem is Swedish for five.). Initially, Finlands Svenska Television's output was formerly included in the programming of Yle's two main television channels, TV1 and TV2. Yle Fem and Yle Teema were merged together into one network on 24 April 2017, as Yle Teema & Fem.

TV programmes

Old logo, used 2007-2012
Old logo, used until 2007
  • 360 grader
  • Bettina S.
  • Buu-klubben
  • D-Dax
  • Enigma
  • Falkenswärds möbler
  • Fribby
  • Idrottsbiten
  • JOX
  • Kortnytt
  • I Mumindalen
  • Melodifestivalen
  • Neon
  • Nordiska videolistan
  • Närbild Svenskfinland
  • OBS
  • Oppåner å hitådit
  • Pussel
  • Ratatosk
  • Scen
  • Schlager på lager
  • Sicsac
  • Solarplexus
  • Solo
  • Sportnytt
  • Spotlight
  • Strömsö
  • TV-Nytt
  • Tärningen
  • Vad gör Petra?
  • X-tra

In addition, Yle Fem simulcasts a significant amount of programming from SVT World, the international channel of Sweden's Public Broadcaster SVT.

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