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Xiahou Hui (Sima Shi's wife)

Xiahou Hui
Died234 (aged 23)
SpouseSima Shi
five daughters
Full name
Family name: Xiahou (夏侯)
Given name: Hui (徽)
Courtesy name: Yuanrong (媛容)
Posthumous name
Empress Jinghuai (景懷皇后)
HouseHouse of Sima
FatherXiahou Shang
MotherCao Zhen's sister

Xiahou Hui (211–234), courtesy name Yuanrong, formally known as Empress Jinghuai, was a noble lady of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China.


Xiahou Hui was a daughter of Xiahou Shang, a military general of the Cao Wei state in the Three Kingdoms period. Her mother was the Lady of Deyang District (德陽鄉主), a sister of the Wei general Cao Zhen. She married Sima Shi, who was regent of the Cao Wei state from 251 to 255. She bore Sima Shi five daughters but no sons. The couple became estranged from each other when Xiahou Hui saw that Sima Shi had the intention of usurping the Cao Wei throne. Sima Shi also became suspicious of his wife because she was distantly related to the ruling Cao family, so he allegedly had her poisoned to death in 234.

After the Jin dynasty (265–420) replaced the Cao Wei state in 265, the first Jin ruler Sima Yan (Emperor Wu), a nephew of Sima Shi, bestowed posthumous honours on many of his deceased relatives but refused to do so for Xiahou Hui. However, after persuasion by Yang Huiyu (Sima Shi's third wife), in 266 Sima Yan honoured Xiahou Hui with the posthumous title "Empress Jinghuai" to match Sima Shi's posthumous title "Emperor Jing".

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