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Wrestling at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Men's freestyle 62 kg

Men's freestyle 62 kg
at the Games of the XXVI Olympiad
VenueGeorgia World Congress Center
Dates31 July–1 August
Competitors21 from 21 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Tom Brands  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Jang Jae-sung  South Korea
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Elbrus Tedeyev  Ukraine
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The Men's Freestyle 62 kg at the 1996 Summer Olympics as part of the wrestling program were held at the Georgia World Congress Center from July 31 to August 1. The gold and silver medalists were determined by the final match of the main single-elimination bracket. The losers advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the bronze medalist for the event.[1]


Gold Tom Brands
 United States
Silver Jang Jae-sung
 South Korea
Bronze Elbrus Tedeyev


Round 1

 Takahiro Wada (JPN) 11–0  Șerban Mumjiev (ROU)
 Enrique Cubas (PER) 7–7  Jan Krzesiak (POL)
 Arout Parsekian (CYP) 2–5  Jang Jae-sung (KOR)
 Tjaart du Plessis (RSA) 1–5  Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR)
 István Demeter (HUN) 3–0  Anibál Nieves (PUR)
 Abbas Hajkenari (IRI) 0–3  Tom Brands (USA)
 Martin Müller (SUI) 0–6  Sergey Smal (BLR)
 Marty Calder (CAN) 2–4  Jürgen Scheibe (GER)
 Magomed Azizov (RUS) 10–0  Vath Chamroeun (CAM)
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) 10–0  Leonid Zaslavsky (AUS)
 Ramil Islamov (UZB) Bye

Round 2

Losers table
 Șerban Mumjiev (ROU) 12–1  Jan Krzesiak (POL)
 Arout Parsekian (CYP) 3–1  Tjaart du Plessis (RSA)
 Anibál Nieves (PUR) 8–3  Abbas Hajkenari (IRI)
 Martin Müller (SUI) 0–6  Marty Calder (CAN)
 Vath Chamroeun (CAM) 0–9 Fall  Leonid Zaslavsky (AUS)
Winners table
 Ramil Islamov (UZB) 2–3  Takahiro Wada (JPN)
 Enrique Cubas (PER) 0–3  Jang Jae-sung (KOR)
 Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR) 11–1  István Demeter (HUN)
 Tom Brands (USA) 5–0  Sergey Smal (BLR)
 Jürgen Scheibe (GER) 2–8  Magomed Azizov (RUS)
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) Bye

Round 3

Losers table
 Șerban Mumjiev (ROU) 2–7  Arout Parsekian (CYP)
 Anibál Nieves (PUR) 0–3  Marty Calder (CAN)
 Leonid Zaslavsky (AUS) 0–10  Ramil Islamov (UZB)
 Enrique Cubas (PER) 1–11  István Demeter (HUN)
 Sergey Smal (BLR) 8–1  Jürgen Scheibe (GER)
Winners table (Quarterfinals)
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) 4–3  Takahiro Wada (JPN)
 Jang Jae-sung (KOR) 3–1  Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR)
 Tom Brands (USA) Bye
 Magomed Azizov (RUS) Bye

Round 4

Losers table
 Arout Parsekian (CYP) 4–10  Marty Calder (CAN)
 Ramil Islamov (UZB) 6–1  István Demeter (HUN)
 Sergey Smal (BLR) 0–3  Takahiro Wada (JPN)
 Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR) Bye
Winners table (Semifinals)
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) 1–1  Jang Jae-sung (KOR)
 Tom Brands (USA) 4–1  Magomed Azizov (RUS)

Round 5

Losers table
 Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR) 5–4  Ramil Islamov (UZB)
 Marty Calder (CAN) 3–7  Takahiro Wada (JPN)

Round 6

Losers table
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) 3–10  Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR)
 Takahiro Wada (JPN) 10–0  Magomed Azizov (RUS)


7th place match
 Ramil Islamov (UZB) 1–9  Marty Calder (CAN)
5th place match
 Giovanni Schillaci (ITA) WO  Magomed Azizov (RUS)
Bronze medal match
 Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR) 3–1  Takahiro Wada (JPN)
Gold medal match
 Jang Jae-sung (KOR) 0–7  Tom Brands (USA)

Final standing

Rank Athlete
1st, gold medalist(s)  Tom Brands (USA)
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Jang Jae-sung (KOR)
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Elbrus Tedeyev (UKR)
4  Takahiro Wada (JPN)
5  Magomed Azizov (RUS)
6  Giovanni Schillaci (ITA)
7  Marty Calder (CAN)
8  Ramil Islamov (UZB)
9  István Demeter (HUN)
10  Arout Parsekian (CYP)
11  Sergey Smal (BLR)
12  Șerban Mumjiev (ROU)
13  Jürgen Scheibe (GER)
14  Enrique Cubas (PER)
15  Leonid Zaslavsky (AUS)
16  Anibál Nieves (PUR)
17  Jan Krzesiak (POL)
18  Tjaart du Plessis (RSA)
19  Abbas Hajkenari (IRI)
20  Vath Chamroeun (CAM)
20  Martin Müller (SUI)


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