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World Armwrestling Championship

World Armwrestling Championships is the main arm wrestling championship in the World. It is organized by the World Armwrestling Federation and was founded in 1944 by Thomas Hurst in West Chicago, Illinois.


Medals are awarded for separately for right and left hands in every weight class and age groups. Senior weight classes:[1]

Men Women
–55 kg –50 kg
60 kg 55 kg
65 kg 60 kg
70 kg 65 kg
75 kg 70 kg
80 kg 80 kg
85 kg +80 kg
90 kg
100 kg
110 kg
+110 kg


Edition Year City Country Venue No. of
No. of
Champion men's right 110+ kg Ref
1st 1979 Wetaskiwin  Canada
2nd 1980 Calcutta  India
3rd 1981 Brasilia  Brazil
4th 1982 Syracuse  United States
5th 1983 San José  Costa Rica
7th 1985 Mexico City  Mexico
8th 1986 Calcutta  India
9th 1987 London  England  Gary Goodridge (CAN)
10th 1988 Eskilstuna  Sweden 22  Richard Lupkes (USA) [2]
11th 1990 Athens  Greece  Sotiris Batsinilas (GRE)
12th 1990 Houston  United States  Gary Goodridge (CAN)
13th 1991 Netanya  Israel  Zaur Tskadadze (GEO)
14th 1992 Geneva   Switzerland  Zaur Tskadadze (GEO)
15th 1993 Edmonton  Canada  Gary Goodridge (CAN)
16th 1994 Södertälje  Sweden  Zaur Tskadadze (GEO)
17th 1995 São Paulo  Brazil  Glauco Prior (BRA)
18th 1996 Virginia Beach  United States  Alan Karaev (RUS)
19th 1997 Guwahati  India  Alan Karaev (RUS)
20th 1998 Thunder Bay  Canada  Glauco Prior (BRA)
21st 1999 Tokyo  Japan  Shikegi Kanai (JPN)
22nd 2000 Rovaniemi  Finland  Frantisek Zivny (CZE)
23rd 2001 Gdynia  Poland  Anatoli Skodtaev (RUS)
24th 2002 Springfield  United States  Sergei Kodzasov (RUS)
25th 2003 Ottawa  Canada  Travis Bagent (USA)
26th 2004 Durban  South Africa  Alexey Voevoda (RUS)
27th 2005 Tokyo  Japan  August Smisl (GER)
28th 2006 Manchester  England Trafford Centre (GMEX)  Nasir Khalikov (RUS)
29th 2007 Veliko Tarnovo  Bulgaria  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
30th 2008 Kelowna  Canada  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
31st 2009 Rosolina  Italy  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
32nd 2010 Mesquite  United States  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
33rd 2011 Almaty  Kazakhstan  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
34th 2012 São Vicente  Brazil  Andriy Pushkar (UKR)
35th 2013 Gdynia  Poland  Rezo Lutidze (GEO)
36th 2014 Vilnius  Lithuania  Levan Saginashvili (GEO)
37th 2015 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia  Genadi Kvikvinia (GEO)
38th 2016 Blagoevgrad  Bulgaria  Genadi Kvikvinia (GEO)
39th 2017 Budapest  Hungary  Dmitrii Silaev (RUS)
40th 2018 Antalya  Turkey  Levan Saginashvili (GEO)
41st 2019 Constanţa  Romania


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