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Woria language

RegionIndonesian Papua
Native speakers
5 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3wor
Woria is located in Maluku and Western New Guinea
Coordinates: 2°22′48″S 136°31′08″E / 2.37997°S 136.519°E / -2.37997; 136.519

Woria is a nearly extinct Papuan language of the Indonesian province of Papua, on the eastern shore of Cenderawasih Bay. It is spoken in Botawa village, Waropen Regency, where the Lakes Plain language Saponi was also spoken.[3]

Woria is lexically similar to the East Geelvink Bay languages and presumably belongs in that family, but is too poorly attested to be sure.

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Paradisec's open access collection from Bert Voorhoeve includes Woira language materials


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