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Wipf and Stock

Wipf and Stock
Founded 1995
Founder John Wipf and Jon Stock
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Eugene, Oregon
Distribution Ingram, Baker & Taylor (US); Morning Star Publishing (Australia); Bertrams, Gardners Books (Europe); KCBS (Korea)[1]
Publication types books, academic journals
Nonfiction topics theology, biblical studies, history and philosophy
Imprints Wipf & Stock, Cascade Books, Pickwick Publications, Resource Publications, Slant, Front Porch Republic Books
Official website

Wipf and Stock is a publisher in Eugene, Oregon, publishing works in theology, biblical studies, history[2] and philosophy.[3]

Wipf and Stock was established in 1995 following a joint venture between John Wipf of the Archives Bookshop in Pasadena, California, and Jon Stock of Windows Booksellers in Eugene, Oregon. The company publishes new works and reprints under the imprints Wipf & Stock, Cascade Books,[4] Pickwick Publications, Resource Publications,[5] Slant, and Front Porch Republic Books.

The publishing focus of Wipf & Stock is broad, with books in biblical studies, theology, ethics, church history, linguistics, history, classics, philosophy, preaching, and church ministry. The authors are many and have differing backgrounds; they include John Howard Yoder, an American Mennonite theologian, Michael A. Milton, an American Presbyterian minister and theologian,[6][7] and Paul Poulton, a British singer-songwriter and writer.


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