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Welcome to the Philosophy of Mind Task force, a subproject of WikiProject Philosophy.

Scope and Goals

The focus of the task force will be to work as diligently as is humanly possible to create professional-quality, thoroughly documented, and encyclopedic articles on the philosophy of mind and to integrate them as much as possible with work from all branches of the cognitive sciences: experimental psychology, neurosciences, linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, anthropology, ethology etc.

Philosophy of mind is a particularly challenging, but also exciting, field because much of its most important and groundbreaking work lies at the subtle confine between philosophy and science, between the humanities and rigorous scientific research. It attempts to bridge the gap between the so-called two cultures by creating a synthesizing third culture that includes and enhances the first two.

Philosophy of mind is a large and complex field. Indeed, a growing number of philosophers believe that the analytic tradition of philosophy is currently undergoing a shift from an emphasis on language to an emphasis on mind and its contents. The vast amount of information is too much for one or two people to handle. The coordinative effort of all those willing to assist is needed.

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Current goals

  • Identify and create missing philosophy of mind content (see Writing and Editing)
  • Improve the categorization and organization of philosophy of mind material
  • Gather interest and participation in a philosophy of mind community within Wikipedia, including a Philosophy of Mind Collaboration project
  • Translate whole articles or sections from good German articles such as: de:Bewusstsein, de:Qualia, de:Supervenienz, de:Kognitionswissenschaft etc.
  • Please try to think of all possible renderings of terms before deciding that they don't exist. If they don't exist under any rendering then create a stub (or article if you see fit) and then create the pages for the different possible renderings and add the command: #REDIRECT Name of article you created, in order to redirect all the renderings to one page. Example: type physicalism has identity theory of mind, type-type theory, type materialism, etc. all redirected to it. This can often be done with many names of concepts listed on the main Philosophy Wikiproject's "list of philosophical concepts."


Philosophy of mind task force


Project page tag

To add a page to the philosophy of mind task force, put |mind=yes into the {{philosophy}} template, like this:


The above message should be placed at the top of the talk pages of all philosophy of mind articles, especially:

  • articles that members of the WikiProject are actively trying to improve.
  • articles that need special attention.


The template {{User WP Phil of mind}} will add the following userbox to your user page and add you to Category:Philosophy of mind task force members and Category:WikiProject Philosophy members.

Writing and Editing

The WikiProject Philosophy of Mind collaboration of the century is: neutral monism
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The Philosophy of Mind todo list has been replaced by a template, in the style of Wikipedia:WikiProject_Philosophy. To add this template to your user page for easier reference, place the text {{PhilosophyOfMindTasksBox}} somewhere on your user page.

Things to do

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