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Buildings and structures

Public buildings and amenities

  • Bayside Sports Centre
  • Bleak House, Gibraltar
  • Central Hall, Gibraltar
  • Central Police Station, Gibraltar (images available)
  • Duke of Kent House
  • Gibraltar Bathing Pavilion
  • Gibraltar City Fire Brigade
  • Gibraltar Law Courts
  • Gibraltar Public Market
  • Gibraltar Savings Bank (206/210 Main Street)
  • Ince's Hall Theatre
  • Joshua Hassan House
  • New Harbours
  • New Mole House (Royal Gibraltar Police HQ)
  • Primary Care Centre
  • Queen's National Theatre
  • Windmill Hill (HM Prison)

Historic buildings

  • Arengo's Palace
  • Artillery House
  • Assembly Rooms, Gibraltar
  • Bleak House, Gibraltar
  • Casino Calpe
  • City Under Siege Exhibition
  • Engineer House
  • Exchange and Commercial Library
  • Governor's Cottage
  • Montagu Bathing Pavilion
  • Moorish Castle (HM Prison)
  • Naval Patrol House
  • Theatre Royal, Gibraltar



  • Ammunition Jetty


  • Artillery House
  • Catholic Community Centre


  • Gibraltar Dockyard School
  • Gibraltar Technical School


  • Eastside Project
  • Gala Casino (Gibraltar)

Culture of Gibraltar


  • Art of Gibraltar
  • Literature of Gibraltar


  • Olde Rock Brewery


  • 1969 Gibraltar Frontier Closure
  • 1972 General Strike of Gibraltar
  • Calentita (festival)
  • Calpe Conference
  • Gibraltar Day
  • Gibraltar Drama Festival
  • Gibraltar Fair
  • Gibraltar International Boat Show
  • Gibraltar International Dance Festival
  • Gibraltar International Literary Festival
  • Gibraltar Jazz Festival
  • Gibraltar Song Festival
  • Gibraltar Tercentenary celebrations
  • Three Kings' Cavalcade
  • Visit of the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Gibraltar
  • Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Gibraltar


  • Gibraltar (2011 film)
  • La Roca (2011 film)
  • People of The Rock: The Llanitos of Gibraltar (2009 film)


  • Bollo de Hornasso
  • Calentita (currently a redirect)
  • Fideos al Horno
  • Japonesa (images available)
  • Panissa (currently a redirect)
  • Pudin de pan
  • Rolitos (currently a redirect)
  • Rosto (food)
  • Torta Acelga

Bars and restaurants

  • Star Bar, Gibraltar


  • Gibraltar 10c missing-value error
  • Gibraltar 1925 £5 George V violet & black
  • King George V Gibraltar Stamps: 1912-1924


  • Broadcasting in Gibraltar


  • Connie con cama camera en el comedor
  • El Siege
  • El Susto
  • Ince's Hall Theatre
  • La Lola se va pá Londre
  • Luna Benamor
  • Miss Llanita International
  • Theatre Royal, Gibraltar


Beaches and bays

  • Governor's Beach, Gibraltar
  • Little Bay, Gibraltar
  • Sovereign Bay, Gibraltar
  • Western Beach, Gibraltar


  • Abbot's Cave (Cueva de los Abades)
  • Ape's Den Cave
  • Blackstrap Cave
  • Buffadero Cave
  • Caleta Palace Cave
  • Camp Bay Cave (Parson's Lodge)
  • Catalan Bay Road Cave
  • Catchment Cave
  • Comcen Cave
  • Cousin's Cave
  • Crystal Cavern
  • Cumberland Cave
  • Dead Man's Cave
  • Devil's Fall (North)
  • Devil's Fall (West-Upper) (Crack Cave)
  • Devil's Fall (West-Lower)
  • Doulas Cave
  • Europa Advance Cave
  • Fig Tree Cave 2
  • Glen Rocky Shelter Cave
  • Goat's Head Cave
  • Gorham's Cave Complex
  • Gunn's Cave
  • Horseshoe Cave
  • Ince's Cave
  • Landport Cave (Leary's Cave)
  • Liddell's Union Fissure
  • Lookout Cave (Hole in the Wall)
  • Moorish Castle Barracks Cave
  • Moor's Cave (Cueva del Moro)
  • Mount Misery Fissure
  • Mousterian Rock Shelter
  • Mushroom Cave
  • Nursery Cave
  • "Operation Monkey" Cave
  • Queen's Lines Cave
  • Reservoir Cave No. 4
  • Reservoir Cave No. 5
  • Rifle Dustbin
  • Rock Fall Cave
  • Rock Gun Cave
  • Rock Gun Catchment Shelter
  • Ronald's Delight
  • Rosia Bone Breccias
  • St. Michael's Cave, Lower Lower
  • St. Michael's Cave, Roof Passage
  • Signal Troop Cave
  • Smart's Well Reserve
  • Smith's Cave
  • Smuggler's Cave
  • South Cave
  • Spanish Mine
  • Spur Road Cave
  • William's Cave


  • Commonwealth Park, Gibraltar
  • West View Park, Gibraltar

Streets, roads and squares (images available)


  • Baker's Passage
  • Bell Lane
  • Bishop Rapallo's Ramp
  • Cannon Lane
  • Castle Steps
  • Castle Ramp
  • Charles V Ramp
  • Chicardo's Passage
  • College Lane
  • Cooperage Lane
  • Crutchett's Ramp
  • Fountain Ramp
  • Fraser's Ramp
  • Gowland's Ramp
  • Irish Place
  • King Street, Gibraltar
  • Library Street
  • Library Ramp
  • Lime Kiln Road, Gibraltar
  • Lime Kiln Steps
  • Lopez's Ramp
  • Market Lane
  • Morello's Ramp
  • New Passage, Gibraltar
  • New Street, Gibraltar
  • Paradise Ramp
  • Parliament Lane
  • Pitman's Alley
  • Road to the Lines
  • Wilson's Ramp


  • Benzimra's Alley
  • Calpe Road
  • Castle Road, Gibraltar
  • Central Pavillion Road
  • City Mill Lane
  • Cloister Ramp
  • Cornwall's Lane
  • Cornwall's Parade
  • Cumberland Road, Gibraltar
  • Drinkwater Road
  • Eastern Beach Road
  • Eliott's Way
  • Engineer Lane
  • Engineer Road
  • Europa Advance Road
  • Fish Market Lane
  • Flint Road
  • Gardiner's Road
  • Garrod Road
  • George's Lane
  • Green Lane, Gibraltar
  • Governor's Street
  • Halifax Road, Gibraltar
  • Heaton Road
  • Hospital Hill, Gibraltar
  • Hugo Road
  • Keightly Way
  • Naval Hospital Road
  • North Pavillion Road
  • Reclamation Road
  • Red Sands Road
  • Rodger's Road
  • Scud Hill
  • Shackleton Road
  • Smith Dorrien Avenue
  • Sortie Road
  • South Barrack Road
  • South Pavillion Road
  • Spilsbury Road
  • Tank Ramp
  • Tarik Passage
  • Trafalgar Road, Gibraltar
  • Trigge Road
  • Willis' Road
  • Windmill Hill Road
  • Witham's Road


  • Commonwealth Parade
  • Convent Place
  • Governor's Parade
  • Grand Parade
  • Hargrave's Parade
  • Market Place


  • Source:Eley, Colonel D.M. (1957). The Gibraltar Tunnels.
  • Amelia's incline
  • Arrow street Engine Room
  • Ball Alley System
  • Bath Road
  • Beefsteak Magazine
  • Boat Hoist
  • Brewery Chambers
  • Brewery Tunnel
  • Bombproof Gallery
  • BDE HQ
  • Burma Road
  • Calpe Hole Power Station
  • Calpe Hospital
  • Castle Communication
  • Cornwallis House
  • Cox & King's
  • Cold Stores, North gorge
  • Common's Hall
  • Doncaster Adit
  • Douglas's Cave
  • Durham Adit
  • Farringdon Chamber
  • Farrigdon Raise
  • Fire Control South
  • Flat Bastion Hospital
  • Forbes' Shaft
  • Forbes' Lookout
  • Fordham's
  • Fordham's Rear
  • Foss Way
  • Foss way Magazine
  • Genista Magazine
  • Glenrocky Distillery
  • Gort's Hospital
  • King's Gallery
  • Laundry
  • Leonora Cave
  • Levant system
  • Liddel Union
  • Little Bay Fort
  • Little Bay Tunnel
  • Lord Airey's Tunnel
  • Lower Galleries
  • Lower Union Gallery
  • Lower Prince's Gallery
  • Macfarlane's Gallery
  • Magazine Ramp
  • Maida Vale
  • Marble Arch
  • Maunsell's Winze
  • McPherson's Chamber
  • Mediterranean Cave Tunnel
  • Monkey's Cave Tunnel
  • Montague Bastion Chamber
  • M.T. Shelter
  • Napier Shelter
  • NATO oil storage
  • Norfolk House
  • North Gorge Tunnel
  • The Notch
  • Nurson Sisters' Qrs.
  • O'Hara's Battery Engine Room
  • Ottawa Tunnel
  • Pages Raise
  • Parminter Place
  • Pearce's Finger, Thumb, and Toe
  • Peterborough Adit
  • Peterborough Chambers
  • Project C
  • Pidsley's Advance
  • Poor Relations
  • Power's drive
  • Prince's Gallery
  • Queen's Gallery
  • Queen's Look Out
  • Queen's Road Caves
  • Ragged Staff Magazine
  • Raglan Battery Shelter
  • Raleigh Gallery
  • Rearguard
  • REME Chambers
  • Retrenchment Shelter
  • Rock adit
  • Rock WT Station
  • Sandy Cave Workshops
  • Sandy Raise
  • Signal Hill Tunnel
  • Smith's Cave
  • Star Chamber
  • Star Gallery
  • St George's Hall
  • St Patrick's Chamber
  • Thomas's Loop
  • Thomson's Chamber and Raise
  • Thomson's Switch
  • Upper Galleries
  • Upper Sandy System
  • Upper Union Gallery
  • Viney Quarry Shelter
  • City Council Waterworks
  • Williams Way
  • Willis's Gallery
  • Willis's Winze
  • Windsor Galleries
  • Winkle's Chamber

Wrecks and diving sites

Detatched Mole

  • The Pilot Boat or Cormorant
  • The 'Inner' and 'Outer'
  • The Cannon Pile
  • S.S Excellence
  • Crest Reef
  • The Italian Chariot

South Mole

  • M.F.V Helen
  • S.S Rosslyn
  • H.M.S Stella Sirius
  • The Bristol Bombay

Rosia area

  • The Mollymock
  • M.F.V Okeanos
  • Seven Sisters
  • El Pipo (Norwegian Trawler)
  • The Inkwell Site

Camp Bay and Little Bay

  • The Seahawk
  • The Ark Site
  • Camp Bay Barges
  • 482M Cable Laying Barge
  • Little Bay

Europa Point

  • Little Europa Drift
  • Europa Reef
  • Los Picos
  • The Sherman Tanks

East Side

  • El Lomo
  • Peter Ives' Pinnacle, El Cortijo
  • Weaver's Pinnacle
  • Source: Phil Smith and Darren Fa. (2004). Underwater Gibraltar


  • City Under Siege Exhibition
  • Exchange and Commercial Library
  • Genoese Guard
  • Gibraltar Dockyard
  • Gibraltar Hippodrome
  • Gibraltar horse-drawn carriages
  • Gibraltar Red Cloak (images available)
  • Gibraltar Water Catchments
  • Governor's Cottage
  • History of the Indians in Gibraltar
  • History of the Moroccans in Gibraltar
  • History of the Portuguese in Gibraltar
  • History of the Spanish in Gibraltar
  • Jumper's Well
  • Keys of Gibraltar (images available)
  • List of former Spanish churches in Gibraltar
  • Los Carreteros del Rey
  • Rail transport in Gibraltar (currently a redirect)
  • Seal of Gibraltar
  • Spanish Gibraltar
  • Stanley's Clock Tower
  • Theatre Royal, Gibraltar




  • Gibraltar Shield


  • Caves Battery
  • Eliott's Practise Battery
  • Oil Tanks Battery
  • Reclamation Battery



  • Landport Ditch
  • Southport Ditch




  • Caledonian Canal, Gibraltar
  • East Place of Arms
  • Glacis, Gibraltar
  • Northern Defences


  • Gibraltar Defence Force (currently a redirect)
  • HMS Calpe (1965 shore establishment)
  • HMS Cormorant II (shore establishment)
  • Los Carreteros del Rey






  • Bonita Trust
  • Casino Calpe
  • Environmental Safety Group
  • Financial Services Commission (Gibraltar)
  • Gibraltar City Fire Brigade
  • Gibraltar Customs
  • Gibraltar Ivanhoe Charity Society
  • Gibraltar Lions Club
  • Gibraltar Masonic Institute
  • Gibraltar Rotary Club
  • Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau
  • Gibraltar Women's Association
  • Helping Hand Trust
  • Self Determination for Gibraltar Group
  • Voice of Gibraltar Group
  • Your Gibraltar TV


  • Alfred J. Vasquez (Tobacco manufacturers[1])
  • Amars Bakery ([2])
  • Bassadone Motors
  • Gibraltar Bus Company
  • Gibraltar Crystal
  • Imperial Newsagent
  • Imprenta Calpense
  • Isolas (Oldest law firm[3])
  • Jorge Russo (Tobacco manufacturers[4])
  • Lewis Stagnetto (Tobacco manufacturers[5])
  • R. Povedano (Tobacco manufacturers[6])
  • Sacarellos (Coffee manufactureres[7][8]
  • Saccone & Speed (Wine merchants[9])
  • Triay & Triay (Law firm[10])

Overview articles

  • Architecture of Gibraltar (currently a redirect)
  • Art of Gibraltar
  • Crime in Gibraltar (currently a redirect)
  • Energy in Gibraltar
  • English language in Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar in film
  • Glass production in Gibraltar
  • Healthcare in Gibraltar
  • Human Rights in Gibraltar
  • List of World Heritage Sites in Gibraltar
  • Listed buildings in Gibraltar
  • Literature of Gibraltar
  • Marriage in Gibraltar
  • Public housing in Gibraltar
  • Religion in Gibraltar (currently a redirect)
  • Shopping in Gibraltar
  • Smoking ban in Gibraltar
  • Smuggling in Gibraltar
  • Social security in Gibraltar
  • Spanish Gibraltar
  • Spanish language in Gibraltar
  • Suffrage in Gibraltar
  • Trade unions in Gibraltar
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Gibraltar (proposed)
  • Wildlife of Gibraltar (currently a redirect)


People from Gibraltar

  • Albert Fava (Trade unionist)
  • Alfred Vasquez (Former Mayor, Former Speaker of the House of Assembly)
  • Arturo Vinuesa Parral (Author)
  • Bernard Linares (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Bryan Zammit (Gibraltar by-election 2013 candidate - Independent)* Carmen Gomez (Theatrical performer, actress and Miss Gibraltar 1970)
  • Charlie Flower (Former athlete)
  • Christopher Montegriffo (Former photographer for the Gibraltar Chronicle)
  • Clive Golt (Journalist, Govt. Media Director)
  • Colin Ramirez (Footballer)
  • Craig Sacarello (Together Gibraltar)
  • Dani Fa (Musician, Taxi guitarist)
  • Daniel Ghio (Together Gibraltar)
  • Danny Bugeja (Musician, Taxi guitarist)
  • Darren Fa (Director of the Gibraltar Museum)
  • Dylan Ferro (Musician, Taxi frontman)
  • Elliott Phillips (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Ernest Gomez (Chief Secretary)
  • Edward Yome (Comissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police)
  • Edwin Reyes (Gibralarian) (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Erika Pozo (Together Gibraltar)
  • Ernest Britto (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Ernest Opisso (last hanging for murder, 3 July 1931)
  • Fabian Vinet (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Francis Cantos (Former editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle and Govt. Media Director)
  • Francis Dellipiani (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Freddie Vasquez (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Freddie Ballester (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Gareth Latin (President of the Gibraltar Football Association)
  • George Mascarenhas (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Horace Zammit (Former Govt. Minister and Mayor)
  • Hubert Corby (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Jackie Anderson (Gibraltarian) (Together Gibraltar)
  • James Giraldi (Doctor, recipient of the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar)
  • James Neish (Journalist, radio & TV presenter)
  • James Netto (Former Govt. Minister, MP)
  • Joelle Ladislaus (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • John Alcantara (Judge, Former Mayor, Former Speaker of the House of Assembly)
  • John Charles Pons (Independent candidate at the 2019 elections)
  • John Montegriff0 (Together Gibraltar)
  • Johnny Bugeja (Photographer for the Gibraltar Chronicle)
  • José Netto (Trade unionist)
  • Joseph Baldachino (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Joseph Moss (Former Govt. Minister)]]
  • Joseph Pilcher (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Joshua Gabay (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Juan Carlos Perez (politician) (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Kamlesh Khubchand (Together Gibraltar)
  • Kenneth Anthony (Gibraltarian politician) (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Lewis Francis (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Lucio Randall (Former GSLP election candidate)
  • Louis Wink (Former Commissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police)
  • Luis Francis Bruzon (Former member of the Legislative Assembly)
  • Luis Montiel (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Maribel Chellaram (Former GSLP election candidate)
  • Mario Finlayson (Artist)
  • Maurice Featherstone (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Maurice Ramagge (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Michael Feetham (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Nathaniel Conroy (Dancer, formerly of Stomp)
  • Nathan Stagno (International hockey referee)
  • Neil Samtani (Together Gibraltar)
  • Orlando Yeats (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Petter Cumming (Former Member of the Opposition)
  • Peter Montegriffo (Former Govt. Minister)
  • Richard Cartwright (Gibraltarian) (Musician, Radio & TV Presenter)
  • Richard Garcia (Chief Secretary) (Former Chief Secretary and historian)
  • Robert Mor (Former Govt. Minister & Mayor)
  • Robert Vasquez (Gibraltarian) (Independent candidate at the 2019 elections)
  • Roy Clinton (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Selwyn Figueras (Opposition MP)
  • Siân Jones (Together Gibraltar)
  • Tamsin Suarez (Together Gibraltar)
  • Trevor Hammond (Gibraltar Social Democrats)
  • Vijay Daryanani (Liberal Party of Gibraltar)
  • William Gomez (Musician)
  • William Thomson (Gibraltarian) (Former Mayor, Former Speaker of the House of Assembly)

People Associated with Gibraltar

  • Giovanni Maria Boschetti (Italian architect)
  • Frederick Brome (Former governor of the military prison who excavated many of Gibraltar's caves)
  • José Martín Muñoz (Last hanging)
  • Luis López Cordón Cuenca (Last hanging)


  • Gibraltar by-election, 1991
  • Gibraltar by-election, 1999
  • Gibraltar City Council election, 1921
  • Gibraltar Constitution Order 1950
  • Gibraltar Constitution Order 1964


  • Bossano Government
  • Cabinet of Gibraltar
  • Canepa Government
  • Caruana Government
  • Chief Secretary of Gibraltar
  • Commissioner of Income Tax (Gibraltar)
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Borders and Coastguard Agency
  • Gibraltar budget
  • Gibraltar Care Agency
  • Gibraltar City Council (currently a redirect)
  • Gibraltar Culture and Heritage Agency
  • Gibraltar Environmental Agency
  • Gibraltar Finance Centre
  • Gibraltar Government Lottery
  • Gibraltar Housing Works Agency
  • Gibraltar Income Tax Office
  • Gibraltar Maritime Authority
  • Gibraltar national debt
  • Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority
  • Gibraltar Tourist Board
  • Gibraltar Treasury
  • Hassan Government
  • Leader of the Opposition (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Education (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Enterprise, Training and Employment (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Environment (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Equality, Social Services and the Elderly (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Financial Services and Gaming (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Housing (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Justice (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Sports, Culture, Heritage and Youth (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Traffic, Health and Safety and Technical Services (Gibraltar)
  • Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port (Gibraltar)
  • Monarchy of Gibraltar
  • Peliza Government
  • Picardo Government
  • Shadow Cabinet of Gibraltar
  • Trilateral Forum of Dialogue on Gibraltar


  • Bar of Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Heritage Trust Act 1989
  • Human rights in Gibraltar
  • Nature Protection Act 1991


  • MV Mons Calpe
  • MV Punta Europa
  • MV Punta Europa II


  • Crown v. Marrache and others
  • Freedom of the City of Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Award
  • Gibraltar Census 2001
  • Gibraltar Census 2012
  • Gibraltar Roll of Honour (currently a redirect)
  • Gibraltar Telephone Directory

Plants in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

See /Botanic Gardens


Which articles are likely to get plaques? Translations here can be used by tourists and locals (This is a work in progress - please add to the list)

  1. Alameda Gardens
  2. Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park
  3. Apes's Den
  4. Bayside Comprehensive School
  5. Bristol Hotel
  6. Cable Car
  7. Catalan Bay
  8. Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned
  9. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
  10. City Hall
  11. The Convent
  12. Europa Point
  13. Europa Point Lighthouse
  14. Explosion of the RFA Bedenham
  15. Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
  16. Garrison Library
  17. Gibraltar International Airport
  18. Gibraltar Museum
  19. Gibraltar Parliament
  20. Gibraltar-Spain border
  21. Grand Casemates Square
  22. Great Synagogue
  23. John Mackintosh Square
  24. King George V Hospital (Gibraltar)
  25. Law courts
  26. Marina Bay
  27. Moorish Castle
  28. Napier of Magdala Battery
  29. Parson's Lodge Battery
  30. Ocean Village
  31. Queensway Quay
  32. Royal Gibraltar Police
  33. Shrine of Our Lady of Europe
  34. St Andrew's Church
  35. St. Bernard's Hospital
  36. St. Michael's Cave
  37. Trafalgar Cemetery
  38. Victoria Stadium
  39. Westside School

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  1. Featured article List of sieges of Gibraltar

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  3. Good article Flat Bastion Road
  4. Good article Fortifications of Gibraltar
  5. Good article M/V New Flame
  6. Good article Military history of Gibraltar during World War II
  7. Good article Moorish Gibraltar
  8. Good article Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar
  9. Good article Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar

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