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Wikipedia:WikiProject Cryptography/March 2005

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This is a quick summary of what's been happening to crypto-related articles this month (March 2005). For the gory details, you can review the changes here. If I've missed any big edits (I'm sure I have), please feel free to update this summary page. — Matt Crypto 16:46, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

New articles


  • Slavishly following the latest Wikipedia fad, User:Matt Crypto created a Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Cryptography, one potential "start page" for cryptography on the Wikipedia, somewhat similar in style to the Wikipedia Main Page. Amongst other things, the page includes a crypto featured article, a "Did you know" section and a some news items in cryptography.
  • On Talk:Steganography, there is a long-standing challenge to see if anyone can discover an easter egg hidden in an image on Wikipedia. This month, Tim Chambers provided a hint: "It's in Ppeak-s.jpg. That was a few years ago, and I've forgotten exactly how I did it. But I know it was some package I found via Google. I did not encrypt the message. Discovery of the package (and the hidden message) is left as an exercise for the reader. <>< tbc 05:48, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)"

Article improvements


  • Talk:One-time pad — discussion on whether to include a suggestion about using a one-time pad in cascade with a conventional cipher.

New participants

This month, three users have added themselves to the Cryptography WikiProject list:

  • User:Julian Krause, who describes himself as a "Computer Science Major, interested in all types of cryptography and math."
  • User:ArnoldReinhold — not so new, of course ;-)
  • User:Vesta (Levi), who notes that he is "CS also, computer security-related, can also make images and diagrams."

WikiReader Cryptography

One article slated for the WikiReader in Cryptography is Caesar cipher, which was promoted to Featured Article status this month; see Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Caesar cipher. The article was accepted on 31 March with 6 support votes.

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Responding to a request for illustration, User:Stib created the following images for Secret sharing, illustrating Blakley's scheme.

Others images created by Wikipedians include:

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