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Note: This is an abbreviated version of the complete Wikipedia Glossary, and also generally excludes terms covered sufficiently on the other tutorial pages.

An encyclopedia entry. All Wikipedia articles are pages, but not all Wikipedia pages are articles. See Wikipedia:What is an article.
Broken link or missing link 
A wikilink to a non-existing page. These show up red. If you have knowledge about the topic, and want to share it, click the link to start the article.
Disambiguation page 
A page that contains various meanings of a word, and refers to the pages where the various meanings are defined. As an example, one of Wikipedia's biggest disambiguation pages: order
Edit conflict 
Two or more parties both attempt to save different edits to the same page. See Wikipedia:edit conflicts.
GNU Free Documentation License. Most Wikipedia articles are released under this license (see wikipedia:copyrights for details).
Google test 
Running sections or titles of articles through the Google search engine (or other search engines) for various purposes. The four most common are to check for copyright violations, to determine which term among several is the most widely used, to decide whether a person is sufficiently famous to warrant an article or is simply engaging in vanity, and to check whether a questionable and obscure topic is real (as opposed to the idiosyncratic invention of a particular individual). See Wikipedia:Google Test.
The Pump (or VP
A nickname for Wikipedia:Village pump, where general discussions about building Wikipedia are held.
A page title which, when requested, merely sends the reader to another page. This is used for synonyms and ease of linking. For example, "impressionist" might redirect to "impressionism". Often abbreviated to redir. See Wikipedia:Redirect.
A page in the article namespace (pages with a white background) that presents biographical details of a non-famous person or institution favorably and is considered inappropriate and/or unencyclopedic by most Wikipedians. Such articles are often suspected to be written by their subjects. See also Wikipedia:Notability.
To format using Wiki markup (as opposed to plain text or HTML) and add internal links to material, incorporating it into the whole of Wikipedia. Noun: Wikification.

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