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Sabinet is an online database of full text South and Southern African journals. It includes coverage of a wide variety of topic areas; much of its content is in English, but there are also publications in various other European and African languages (particularly Afrikaans). For more information see their website.

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Example citation

{{cite journal|last1=Winberg|first1=Christine|last2=Ntloko|first2=Ncedo|last3=Ncubukezi|first3=Tabisa|title='Don't Leave Before You Understand': Supporting Master's Candidates in Business Studies|journal=Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning|date=June 2015|volume=3|issue=1|pages=1–20|doi=10.14426/cristal.v3i1.37|url=}} {{subscription required|via=Sabinet}}
  • Winberg, Christine; Ntloko, Ncedo; Ncubukezi, Tabisa (June 2015). "'Don't Leave Before You Understand': Supporting Master's Candidates in Business Studies". Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning. 3 (1): 1–20. doi:10.14426/cristal.v3i1.37.  – via Sabinet (subscription required)

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