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Public Catalogue Foundation
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Account Coordinator: User:Jonathan Cardy (WMUK).

The Public Catalogue Foundation has a catalogue of all the publicly owned oil paintings in the United Kingdom. This is freely available online, but also exists in book form and they have given a limited number of books to Wikipedia editors via Wikimedia UK (but you don't need to be in the UK or a WMUK member to get a book).

In 2014 the Public Catalogue Foundation generously agreed to give complementary books to 12 Wikipedia editors to use, distributed at the discretion of the community. Editors need to have written content in the Art field in order to qualify, but you don't need to be in the UK or a WMUK member - books have already been sent to editors in Australia and California.


  • You do not have to be in the UK or even a Wikimedia UK member to qualify for one of these books
  • You must have your preferences enabled to receive email messages on English Wikipedia; (see Special:Preferences)
  • You must be active in content generation, research, and/or verification work in a relevant field to the book that you request, and have added properly cited content in that area.


If we send you a book, you
  • May use the book to cite facts on Wikipedia and as a reference source to add new facts to Wikipedia
  • May not make printed or electronic copies of the book
  • Are requested to give feedback such as quotes and blogposts as to what you have used the book for.
Private and confidential information
  • If you apply you should understand and agree that your name, address and email address will be processed by staff at Wikimedia UK and the Public Catalogue Foundation in order to send you your requested book.


Email stating your Wikimedia username, your choice of book, where we can send it and giving an idea as to what you will do with it. As we need a physical address to send you a book please don't apply on this page. We've used our quota of donated books.