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Not The Wikipedia Weekly is a grassroots project aiming to help connect and inform all contributors to Wikimedia Foundation projects through 'real world' conversations / podcasts. We host occasional Skype conference calls which are open to all, and we discuss various wiki issues of the moment. We want you to be involved! Anyone can host a conversation, and post the recording here, or just join a scheduled chat and listen / contribute as you see fit :-)

How to take part in Not The Wikipedia Weekly
General notes How to join a NTWW discussion
Meet Samantha, executive producer and spokesmodel for NTWW. She heads our board of directors
Passive participation

You're welcome to listen to our latest recording or browse through our episode archives.

Active participation

To participate, you'll need to install the latest version of Skype onto your computer, have a Skype ID you don't mind sharing with the world, and of course you'll need a microphone and speakers, or headset.

It's not very difficult to host a Skype conference call on your own, and you're welcome to propose a dedicated episode with participants and topics of your choosing, which would also Not The Wikipedia Weekly. Consensus at this page will determine whether or not they remain officially Not The Wikipedia Weekly however! Please do get involved!

  • Probably the easiest way to be part of a recording is to join the Not The Wikipedia Weekly Skype public chat before the recorded conversation starts, which can be reached by clicking on the link: Click to join the NTWW Skype public chat.
  • People in the NTWW Skype public chat will help you join the Skype conference call.
A word of caution

Please note that Skype is not a safe environment, and it is outside WMF. If you're at all in doubt, don't use it. Some suggestions to protect yourself from hacking and outing are described here. See also NTWW Skype chat — guidelines and usage hints


The official chats are dual licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License and the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. If you are unwilling to license your voice contributions under these licenses, do not participate in an official chat.

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Our next Skypecast

feel free to propose a chat below!

I think it would be great to revive either WikiVoices or Not the Wikipedia weekly at Wikimania. I have a slot at Wikimania to talk about the Death anomalies project, and I'm hoping to make this simultaneously on skype. Does anyone object to my labelling this as a Wikvoices episode, or even better is anyone willing to join in and help make this happen? ϢereSpielChequers 10:47, 14 July 2011 (UTC)

Latest episodes

Our latest recorded Skypecast

Episode 51

WikiNews live article creation

Date and time

Late 2009

Topics discussed in this episode

  • WikiNews live article creation



Episode archives

  • Do note that a nearly complete podcast set is currently available via iTunes for download.

Episodes by topic and participants

Episode Date Topic Participants
Old name: Not The Wikipedia Weekly
01 Mar 04, 2008 What is NTWW?, Wikimania 2008, WMF News, FA Director Messedrocker, Privatemusings, Bstone, Raul654
02 Mar 07, 2008 Interview with Danny Wool, former WMF grants coordinator Privatemusings, Durova, Zginder, Danny
03 Mar 18, 2008 Interview with Sue Gardner, WMF Executive Director Privatemusings, Durova, Raul654, Majorly, Zginder, Sue Gardner
04 Mar 26, 2008 Arbcom security, SUL. A.P. Sloan donation, Pseudoscience and fringe theories Privatemusings, Durova, Raul654, Filll
05 Mar 31, 2008 Interview with Jay Walsh, head of WMF Communications, WikiProjects, SUL Privatemusings, Durova, Raul654, Filll, JayWalsh
06 Apr 04, 2008 Banned editors, mostly via Wikipedia Review participation Moulton, MyWikiBiz, WordBomb, Privatemusings
07 Apr 09, 2008 NTWW, 'proxying for a banned user', opt out, BLP Privatemusings, Filll, Ned Scott, Raul654, Durova, GTBacchus, Dtobias, FastLizard4
08 Apr 11, 2008 2000 FAs, migrating to CC license?, Arbcom, Medcom, legislative bodies, talk page clerking Durova, Privatemusings, AGK, Raul654, User:Filll, Dorftrottel
09 Apr 18, 2008 IRC, Real life safety, ethnic edit warring Privatemusings, Durova, Filll, Scartol, Steve Crossin, Dorftrottel, Zginder, Zero1328, E
10 Apr 19, 2008 BLP Durova, Filll, Kim Bruning, Privatemusings, Dorftrottel, User:Stwalkerster, Seth Finkelstein, Bluemarine, David Shankbone
11 Apr 24, 2008 Relation of wiki to the media Durova, Filll, Addshore, FT2, Awadewit, Xavexgoem, Kim Bruning, Dorftrottel, Seddon69, Zvika, Moulton, Brian Bergstein
12 Apr 25, 2008 Banned users at NTWW, deletion of Giovanni di Stefano, cabals, CU selection, misc Durova, Filll, Alison, Sunderland06, Martijn Hoekstra, Zero1328, Seddon69, Steve Crossin, Qst
13 Apr 30, 2008 Trustee changes, meta community petition, Veropedia, homoeopathy, POV pushers, CAMERA lobbying Durova, Filll, AGK, Alison, FT2, Seddon69, Shoemaker's Holiday, GerardM
14 May 05, 2008 Cinco de Mayo Frivolity Durova, Filll, Shoemaker's Holiday, AGK, Seddon69, Steve Crossin, Dorftrottel, Martijn Hoekstra, Chetblong
15 May 09, 2008 Aussie WMF chapter update, how we appoint admins, admin IRC channel Durova, Privatemusings, Andjam, Anthony, Filll, Seddon69, Kim Bruning, Dorftrottel, Daniel, WJBscribe, Angela
16 May 16, 2008 Fiction, Lectures, banned users, policies, interview with User:Moulton Alison, Shoemaker's Holiday, Durova, Privatemusings, User:Moulton, Dtobias, User:Vassyana, User:Filll
17 May 24, 2008 start-up Wikipedias in African language Durova, Awadewit, GerardM, Seddon69, Shoemaker's Holiday, Steve Crossin, Sunderland06
18 Jun 02, 2008 Interviews with 2008 Board of Trustee candidates Steve Smith (Sarcasticidealist), Craig Spurrier, Gregory Kohs, Harel Cain, Matthew Bisanz (MBisanz), Ray Saintonge, Ad Huikeshoven, Ting Chen, Alex Bakharev (User:Alex Bakharev), Dan Rosenthal (Swatjester), Jussi-Ville Heiskanen (Cimon Avaro), Kurt M. Weber (Kmweber), Paul Williams, Ryan Postlethwaite (Ryan Postlethwaite), Samuel Klein
19 Jun 20, 2008 Wiki-stress, arbcom making policy, Parental advisory idea Durova, Seddon69, Dtobias, Privatemusings, Shoemaker's Holiday
20 Jun ??, 2008 ??
21 Jun 28, 2008 Recent arbcom events Durova, Mitchazenia, Seddon69, Shoemaker's Holiday, MBisanz
22 Jun 29, 2008 Arbcom follies and history Durova, Shoemaker's Holiday, Awadewit, Mitchazenia, possibly Jimbo
23 Jun 29, 2008 Ting Chen chat Ting Chen, Privatemusings
24 Jul 06, 2008 Wikiproject 24 report Mitchazenia, Seddon, Bstone, Durova, Gerard, Dave, Steve
25 Jul ??, 2008 ??
26 Jul 14-15, 2008 FPic and Sound candidates, Aphid, wikiprojects User:Durova, User:Filll, User:Mitchazenia, User:Shoemaker's Holiday
27 Jul 18, 2008 Special IRC log session Privatemusings
28 Jul 23, 2008 Commons plugin, flagged revisions, BLP and BOO, Wikimania, editor retention User:Durova, User:Filll, User:Privatemusings, User:Seddon, User:Kim Bruning
29 Jul 30, 2008 How Skype works, make FAs, COI in Australia User:Durova, User:Filll, User:Privatemusings
30 Aug 12, 2008 ?? Durova, Awadewit, Mitchazenia, Dendodge, AGK, Cometstyles, Stwalkerster, Qst
31 Aug 21, 2008 Interview with Newyorkbrad, arbitrator Privatemusings, Newyorkbrad
32 Aug 23, 2008 Discussion on copyediting Scartol, Awadewit, Filll, Yllosubmarine, Moni3
33 Sep 18, 2008 Projects and subprojects, featured sounds, checkuser & socking/rfa/crats/ Durova, Rlevse, FT2 (via chat), Bastique, Shoemaker's Holiday, Mitchazenia
34 Sep 26, 2008 Created the article "Frog Legs Rag" and expanded to DYK size in real time. Durova, Gary King, Shoemaker's Holiday, Mitchazenia, Xavexgoem, Zginder
35 Oct 25, 2008 Inclusionism and deletionism, DYK, Moving to Meta: it's been proposed that Not the Wikipedia Weekly head over to Meta under a new name. Like that idea? If so, let's brainstorm the new name, Sign writing, and Wikipedia:Service awards Durova, Gary King, Mitchazenia, AGK (via text), Privatemusings, Dendodge, Seddon, GerardM
New name: Wikivoices
36 Nov 10, 2008 Creating an article and content development Scartol, Awadewit, Filll, Moni3
37 Nov 28, 2008 Working on controversial articles Scartol, Raul654, Awadewit, TimVickers, NancyHeise, ImperfectlyInformed, Filll, Durova
38 Dec 2, 2008 Arbcom elections Daniel, ST47, Pharos, WJBscribe, Privatemusings
39 December 2, 2008 Our first foray into video podcasting; User:Sj chats about the One laptop per child project Sj
40 February 5, 2009 Mediation and other difficult things Dendodge, Durova, Gary King, Jay97112cloverdale, Mardetanha, Millosh
41 March 31, 2009 Wikipedia assignments and Lazy Virtues: Teaching Writing in the Age of Wikipedia Robert Cummings (author of Lazy Virtues), Awadewit, Ragesoss, John Broughton, Durova, AEG English4994
42 May 17, 2009 Wikipedia growth and Articles for Deletion @ Wikimedia NYC Becksguy and Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC live participants
43 June 14, 2009 Wiki Takes Philadelphia! Mblumber, Nick of Free Culture Swarthmore, Pharos, Phyllis, University City High School teacher and MAGPI Fellow
44 Jul 14, 2009 NPG legal threat, ArbCom advisory committee Durova, Mitchazenia, Andrew Lih, Andrew Phillips, Awadewit, Brett Hillebrand, Danaman5, Peter Symonds, Sage Ross, Samuel Wantman, Seddon, WereSpielChequers, Ynhockey
45 Trustee elections Not yet edited, unlikely to be.
46 29–30 July 2009 Queen of Hearts DYK Durova, Shoemaker's Holiday, Awadewit, NuclearWarfare, WereSpielChequers
47 August 24, 2009 FAC reviewing Awadewit, David Fuchs, Jarry1250, Jappalang (via talk page before the show), Juliancolton, Matthewedwards, Mitchazenia, NuclearWarfare, and Shoemaker's Holiday
48 September 20, 2009 Sound restorations Adam Cuerden
49 September 12, 2009 Wiki Takes Philadelphia and other stuff too! Dthomsen8, Mblumber, Medvedenko, Mitchazenia, Pharos, Whiteknight
50 December 13, 2009 Internet safety for Wikipedia minors. BLP issues (including the controversial "default to delete" AFD closures), and The RFC on New Users. Awadewit, Blurpeace, Coffee, Durova, IShadowed, Jake Wartenberg, Juliancolton, Mitchazenia, Newyorkbrad, NuclearWarfare, Privatemusings, Seddon, The Thing That Should Not Be
51 Late 2009 Wikinews live article creation. Durova, The Thing That Should Not Be, Jimbo Wales, Cary Bass, Others!
52A November 17, 2009 Arbitration Committee 2009 Elections Interviews - Jehochman Jehochman, Privatemusings
52B November 22, 2009 Arbitration Committee 2009 Elections Interviews - Unomi Unomi, Dtobias
52C November 25, 2009 Arbitration Committee 2009 Elections Interviews - Steve Smith Steve Smith, Dtobias
52D November 26, 2009 Arbitration Committee 2009 Elections Interviews - Fred Bauder Fred Bauder, Dtobias
52E December 3, 2009 Arbitration Committee 2009 Elections Interviews - Cla68 Cla68, Dtobias

External site / MP3 files

We've got a little external site now over at It's just a simple page where you can stream all the files below if you like... and now we've even figured out how to put them in an RSS feed here!

Below are links to externally hosted MP3 files of our conversations to date... perfect for long, sleepless nights, international air travel, or as an accompaniment to watching your recently painted fence dry... Big thanks to User:Dtobias for setting this up - and we'll hopefully have something clever like an RSS feed before too long! (...and that time is now... the feed is live!) (any help or advice on improving this would be appreciated, actually!)

I'd probably recommend you save these files locally before listening... maybe by 'right clicking' and selecting 'save target as' or whichever browser message you get...

Master topic list

The Master topic list is a list of all the topics that have been suggested for discussion at NTWW and all the topics that have been discussed at NTWW during the scheduled episodes.


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