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McFarland & Company (Website) is an academic publisher based in North Carolina, in the United States. The company publishes works on a wide variety of topics, and specializes in covering areas often underrepresented in academic literature, such as video games, sports and popular culture. They also publish in a wide variety of more traditional academic areas, such as history, military history, performing arts, medieval studies, film studies, and more. McFarland has offered to send Wikipedia editors electronic copies of books that will aid in Wikipedia article research. McFarland books will be distributed on a per-title basis, up to a maximum of five titles per editor per calendar year.*

  • Exceptions can be made - please provide your rationale for an extended limit


Please look through McFarland's online catalogue (advanced search) to find books in your area of interest. Log your request in the online application. Please include the book title, year and the author's full name in the request.


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Example citation

<ref> {{cite book |title=The Irish and the Making of American Sport, 1835–1920|author=Redmond, Patrick|isbn=978-1-4766-0584-5|publisher=McFarland & Company}}</ref>
  • Redmond, Patrick. The Irish and the Making of American Sport, 1835–1920. McFarland & Company. ISBN 978-1-4766-0584-5.

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