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The digital Loeb Classical Library is a project of Harvard University Press to make Classical Greek and Latin literature accessible. The virtual collection of classical writings includes epic and lyric poetry, tragedy and comedy, history, travel, philosophy, oratory, medicine, mathematics, and religion – a total of over 520 volumes of Latin, Greek, and English texts.

There are 25 one-year accounts available to Wikipedians.


  • You have an account that is a minimum of 6 months old
  • You have a minimum of 500 edits to the encyclopedia
  • You do not already have access to this resource through another library or institution
  • You have made at least 10 edits to Wikimedia projects in the last month
  • You are not currently blocked from editing Wikipedia

If you don't quite meet the experience requirements but think you would still be a strong candidate for access, feel free to apply and you may be considered


Approved editors may

  • Search, view, retrieve, and quote from portions of restricted content in accordance with Wikipedia policies;
  • Print out single copies of portions of restricted content, for use by editor only as relates to the writing and editing of Wikipedia articles – such copies are not to be shared;
  • Comply with any terms and conditions which appear on the particular pages of the Harvard University Press website they are accessing.

Approved editors will not

  • Share their account logins or passwords with others, or sell their access to other parties;
  • Electronically save portions of the restricted content;
  • Mass scrape or mass download Harvard University Press content;
  • Systematically make printed or electronic copies of extracts of restricted content available for any purpose;
  • Datamine metadata without permission, in order, for instance, to use metadata for auto-created stub articles.

Private and confidential information


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Introduction to the digital Loeb Classical Library
  • Editors should always provide original citation information in addition to linking to digital Loeb Classical Library resources.
  • Editors should not provide bare links to restricted digital Loeb Classical Library pages
  • Note (subscription required) in the citation, where appropriate
  • Respect the copyright of digital Loeb Classical Library, in accordance with Wikipedia's copyright policy and their terms of use
  • Make efforts to provide full citation information in line with the citation examples provided below, or with the examples provided by digital Loeb Classical Library, where possible
Note that citation styles vary by article, and using every parameter in the example is not a requirement of access; editors can use the style most appropriate to the articles or projects they are working on.


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  • Archimedes. "Mathematical Works". doi:10.4159/DLCL.archimedes-mathematical_works.1941. Retrieved 9 April 2015.  – via digital Loeb Classical Library (subscription required)

Further participation

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