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Wikipedia:File namespace noticeboard

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This page is for: Using this page
  • Requests for participation in large scale File related tasks, including notifying the community about upcoming backlog drives
  • Posting requests for comment regarding issues involving the namespace as a whole (but not about individual files)
  • Linking to proposals made at the village pump that affect the namespace, to bot requests that deal in files, and to RfCs started elsewhere that involve the namespace.
  • Asking for help or assistance (in the vein of "I can't get this to work, can someone help me fix it?")
  • Please place new messages at the bottom of the page, using a ==level¬†2¬†header== if you are starting a new discussion.
  • The list to the left is far from exhaustive. If you have an issue or piece of information that would be of interest to users who work in the file namespace, but it is not on the list to the left (and not on the list of things this page is not for), put it here anyways.
  • Bot generated messages, such as those left by CommonsNotificationBot, should be placed on the talk page of this noticeboard.
This page is not for:
  • Content disputes
  • Complaints about individual editors (follow the standard dispute resolution process instead)
  • Requesting the file mover user right
  • Copyright issues (handled at Media copyright questions)