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The autopatrolled (formerly autoreviewer, which is still the technical name of the user group) user right gives a user no additional technical abilities. It is given to prolific creators of clean articles; this reduces the New Page Patrol workload by removing articles these editors create from the stream of new articles designated for patrolling. It does not change how an editor creates articles in the first place (or indeed any aspect of the experience of article editing).

  • The above applies to creation of non-article pages as well – for example templates or user essays – as well as Files.
  • New articles are normally noindexed (hidden from search engines) until they are patrolled. But when an autopatrolled user creates an article it is automatically marked as patrolled, and thus is immediately eligible for indexing by search engines.

Obtaining the right

Administrators automatically receive this right. Non-administrators can request it at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Autopatrolled or from an admin who is familiar with their work. It is typically given to trusted users who regularly create articles and demonstrate familiarity with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines, especially those on biographies of living persons, copyrights, verifiability and notability. A suggested standard is the prior creation of 25 valid articles, not including redirects or disambiguation pages, but the right is not normally given to very new editors regardless of the number of articles created.

  • The autopatrolled right does not give one the ability to mark pages as reviewed, or patrolled; one must apply for the new page reviewer right at PERM in order to do this (though in practice the qualifications are similar).
  • If you know an experienced editor with a reliable history of creating "clean" articles, feel free to request the right for them.
  • Administrators may decline to grant the right at their discretion, even if the numerical requirements are met, if they believe that a user's page creations could benefit from going through the new page patrol process.

The English Wikipedia has 3,991 users with the autopatrolled right explicitly granted, and a total of 5,135 users with the permission (the difference is made up of administrators, who automatically have this right).

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