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Al Manhal

Al Manhal is a major Arabic provider of full-text electronic journals, theses and ebooks. It includes approximately 36,000 publications across a variety of subject areas, with coverage in Arabic, English, and several other languages. For more information see its website.

Al Manhal is offering 60 editors free access to all of its electronic resources for one year.


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Example citation

{{cite journal|last1=Adekoya|first1=Helen Odunola|title=Schema Theory : A Conceptual Review|journal=Journal of Research and Development|date=2013|volume=1|issue=3|pages=1–7|doi=10.12816/0001953|url=}} {{subscription needed|via=Al Manhal}}
  • Adekoya, Helen Odunola (2013). "Schema Theory : A Conceptual Review". Journal of Research and Development. 1 (3): 1–7. doi:10.12816/0001953.  – via Al Manhal (subscription required)


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