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AAAS is "the world's largest general science society". The society is offering access to the resources on its website,, which include the journal Science and other scientific research, news, commentary, and media.There are up to 50 one-year accounts available to Wikipedians.


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Example citation

{{cite journal|last1=Huang|first1=M.|last2=Hsu|first2=C.-H.|last3=Wang|first3=J.|last4=Mei|first4=S.|last5=Dong|first5=X.|last6=Li|first6=Y.|last7=Li|first7=M.|last8=Liu|first8=H.|last9=Zhang|first9=W.|last10=Aida|first10=T.|last11=Zhang|first11=W.-B.|last12=Yue|first12=K.|last13=Cheng|first13=S. Z. D.|title=Selective assemblies of giant tetrahedra via precisely controlled positional interactions|journal=Science|date=23 April 2015|volume=348|issue=6233|pages=424–428|doi=10.1126/science.aaa2421}} {{Subscription needed|via=[[AAAS]]}}
  • Huang, M.; Hsu, C.-H.; Wang, J.; Mei, S.; Dong, X.; Li, Y.; Li, M.; Liu, H.; Zhang, W.; Aida, T.; Zhang, W.-B.; Yue, K.; Cheng, S. Z. D. (23 April 2015). "Selective assemblies of giant tetrahedra via precisely controlled positional interactions". Science. 348 (6233): 424–428. doi:10.1126/science.aaa2421.  – via AAAS (subscription required)
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