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White Horse Park

White Horse Park sculpture

White Horse Park, also known as Baima Park, is situated in Xuanwu District, Nanjing, in Jiangsu province. The park is located between Xuanwu Lake and Purple Mountain.


Built in 1999, the 500-acre[1] park features a collection of several hundred stone sculptures and carvings gathered from areas around Nanjing[2] of stone men and women, turtles, horses, tigers and towers.[3] The pieces represent different stone carving styles, eras and disciplines. There is also a variety of original intended uses, like public viewing, religious expression, home use and burial ornamentation.[citation needed]

The sculptures are among more than 10,000 plants, including peach, plum and dawn redwood trees.[citation needed]


Stone Carvings in White Horse Park 03 2011-05.JPG Stone Carvings in White Horse Park 04 2011-05.JPG
Stone Carvings in White Horse Park 07 2011-05.JPG The Stone Gate of Former Residence of Jiang Tingxi 01 2011-05.JPG


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