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Where the Hell Are We and What Day Is It... This Is Static-X

Where The Hell Are We And What Day Is It... This Is Static-X
Created byStatic-X
Directed byColin Gray & Megan Raney
StarringKoichi Fukuda
Wayne Static
Tony Campos
Ken Jay
Country of originUnited States
Executive producer(s)Kristine Lacey
Running time63:10 (Documentary), 49:46 (Audio-Only Concert)
Production company(s)Warner Reprise Video

Where The Hell Are We And What Day Is It... This Is Static-X is a rockumentary DVD that was set to be released in 2001 by industrial metal band Static-X. It features behind-the-scenes and live footage, along with all of Static-X's music videos (at the time) and an audio-only concert. Due to the live footage being recorded at Ozzfest, Sharon Osbourne threatened to sue the band if the DVD was released. Therefore, it was prevented from ever hitting store shelves. It is very hard to find and roughly only 500 copies are in existence.

Bonus audio-only concert track listing

  1. "Bled for Days"
  2. "I Am"
  3. "Fix"
  4. "Stem"
  5. "Down"
  6. "Wisconsin Death Trip"
  7. "The Trance Is the Motion"
  8. "I'm with Stupid"
  9. "Sweat of the Bud"
  10. "Otsegolation"
  11. "Love Dump"
  12. "Push It"