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West African Club Championship

West African Club Championship
RegionAfrica (CAF)
Number of teams13-16
Current championsDynamic Togolais (2011)
Most successful team(s)Africa Sports, Bendel Insurance (3)
2011 WAFU Club Championship

The West African Club Championship (UFOA Cup), also known as the General Eyadéma Cup, was a West African Club tournament from 1977 to 1999. It was open to league runners-up in the West Africa (or Zone 3) region of the CAF. While the first matches were played of the 2000 tournament, the competition was cancelled before the final, largely for financial reasons. While the intention of the CAF was to revive a national squad tournament in its place, the planned annual CSSA Nations Cup has not been regularly scheduled since.[1] The tournament was resurrected in 2009 to pit each member country's highest team not featuring in the CAF Champions League or the CAF Confederation Cup. The final four was played in December with Togo as the host.[2]

Winners by year