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Valetudo (moon)

Valetudo moon of Jupiter.jpg
Recovery images of Valetudo from the Magellan telescope in May 2018.
Discovered byScott S. Sheppard et al.
Discovery date2017
Named after
Great-granddaughter of Jupiter (Roman name for Greek Hygeia), goddess of health and hygiene.
Jupiter LXII
Orbital characteristics[1]
Mean orbit radius
18,980,000 km
533.3 days
Inclination34.0 degrees
116.8 degrees
Satellite ofJupiter
Physical characteristics[1]
Mean diameter
1 km

Valetudo (/vælɪˈtjd/), also known as Jupiter LXII or S/2016 J 2, is a moon of Jupiter.[3][4] It was discovered by Scott S. Sheppard and his team in data reaching back to 2016, but was not announced until July 17, 2018, via a Minor Planet Electronic Circular from the Minor Planet Center, which also reported the discovery of nine other Jupiter moons.[2]


Valetudo has a diameter of about 1 km (0.6 mi) and orbits Jupiter at a distance of about 19 million kilometres (12 million miles). Its orbital inclination is 34 degrees, and its orbital eccentricity is 0.222.[1] It has a prograde orbit, but it crosses paths with several other moons that have retrograde orbits and may in the future collide with them.[5]


The moon was provisionally designated as S/2016 J 2 until it received its name in 2018. The name Valetudo was proposed for it as part of its announcement, after the Roman goddess of health and hygiene, Valetudo, a great-granddaughter of the god Jupiter[5] and approved by the IAU Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature on 3 October 2018.[6]


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