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Valencian Bible

One of the two surviving pages of the 1477/78 Bible

The Valencian Bible was the first printed Bible in the Valencian language, between 1477 and 1478. It is the third Bible printed in a modern language (the preceding ones were printed in German (1466) and Italian (1471). The first printed Bible was the Latin Bible, Vulgate version, printed at Mainz in 1455.

The Inquisition burned all copies and imprisoned Daniel Vives, who was considered to be the main author, though the translation is now ascribed to Bonifaci Ferrer.[1]

The last surviving paper sheet of this Bible is at the Hispanic Society in New York.

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  1. ^ Arthur Terry (1999) Tirant lo Blanc: new approaches; p. 113.--On 12 April 1483, Daniel Vives told the inquisitors how two translators 'undertook to emend a copy of a Bible written en vulgar limosi (that is, 'Old Catalan') . . . but had a difficult time changing those Limousin words into Valencian'


  • Jordi Ventura, La Bíblia Valenciana, Barcelona: Curial, 1993. (in Catalan)

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