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Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality

Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality
Founded1853 (Uttarpara), 1964 (Uttarpara Kotrung)
Dilip Yadav
Vice Chairman
Aditi Kundu
Political groups
Trinamool Congress (15)
CPI (M) (4)
Congress (2)
Independents (3)
Last election

Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality is the civic body that governs Uttarpara, Kotrung, Bhadrakali, Hindmotor, Makhla and surrounding areas in Srirampore subdivision of Hooghly district, West Bengal, India.


Uttarpara Municipality was founded on 14 April 1853.[1]Uttarpara was only the second town in Bengal to voluntarily adopt the Municipal Act of 1850 Sec XX16 – Serampore was the first town to adopt it. However, while in Serampore European residents pushed the issue through, in Uttarpara it was the zamindar Joy Krishna Mukherjee who played the pivotal role. Kotrung was merged with Uttarapara Municipality in 1964 and it was renamed Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality. Makhla was merged with Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality in 1991.[2]


The boundaries of Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality are as follows: Konnagar Municipality to the north, Hooghly River to the east and Bally khal to the south. Earlier the railway track was the western limit, but subsequently areas such as Makhla and Hindmotor have been added beyond the railway track.[2]

Uttarpara Kotrung municipality covers an area of 11.75 sq km and has a population of 159,413 (2011).[3]

In 1981, 27.47% of the total population formed main workers and 72.53% were non-workers in Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality and 37.98% of the total main workers were industrial workers. This may be interpreted as follows: although industrial activities are prominent in the municipal areas of the region, the major portion of the population is commuters and migrants find employment in the area.[4]


Uttarpara General Hospital, with 204 beds, Female Vagrants Home and primary health centre with 5 beds at Bhadrakali are located in the Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality area.[5]


In the 2015 municipal elections for Uttarpara Kotrung municipality Trinamool Congress won 15 seats, CPI(M) 4 seats, Congress 2 seats and Independents 3 seats.[6]

In the 2010 municipal elections for Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality Trinamool Congress won 22 seats, CPI (M) 1 seat and Independent 1 seat.[7]

About the 2010 municipal elections, The Guardian wrote, "Today's municipal elections are unlike any for decades: the Communists, who have held West Bengal's main towns almost without a break since the 1970s, are facing disaster… This time defeat is likely to be definitive and could signal the beginning of the end for the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPIM)."[8]


Details of the wards, with 2015 municipal election results, are as follows:[9][10]

Ward No Neighbourhood1 Total Electors Seat Type Councillor Party
1 Kotrung 3,647 General Pranab Bag CPI (M)
2 do 5,385 Woman Pampa Das Trinamool Congress
3 do 4,946 SC Malay Biswas CPI (M)
4 do 5,200 General Prabir Kangsabanik (Sanu) CPI (M)
5 do 3,583 General Sudhir Ranjan Das Independent
6 do 4,531 Woman Putul Rani Ghosh Trinamool Congress
7 Kotrung, Bhadrakali 10,858 General Ratna Singha Roy Trinamool Congress
8 Bhadrakali 3,876 General Tapash Mukherjee (Buro) Trinamool Congress
9 do 4,963 Woman Mitali Bej Trinamool Congress
10 Uttarpara 6,529 General Dipak Kundu Trinamool Congress
11 do 4,769 General Amitava Mukherjee Independent
12 do 3,957 Woman Mousumi Biswas Trinamool Congress
13 do 5,015 General Narayan Chandra Mitra Congress
14 do 4,122 General Utpaladitya Banerjee Trinamool Congress
15 do 4,961 Woman Susmita Sarkar (Boni) CPI (M)
16 do 3,961 General Sumit Chakraborty (Tukai) Trinamool Congress
17 do 5,219 General Subrata Mukherjee Trinamool Congress
18 do 3,574 SC Woman Anjali Patra Trinamool Congress
19 do 5,529 Woman Aditi Kundu Trinamool Congress
20 Makhla 4,984 General Indrajit Ghosh (Paba) Trinamool Congress
21 do 7,380 General Khokan Mandal Independent
22 do 6,497 Woman Debi Chakraborty Trinamul Congress
23 do 6,334 General Dilip Yadav Trinamool Congress
24 Hindmotor 1,519 General Kamakhaya Narayan Singh Congress

1 This is a broad indication of the neighbourhood covered, not a full description


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