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Usri Falls

Usri Falls
Usri Falls is located in Jharkhand
Usri Falls
Usri Falls
Location Giridih district, Jharkhand, India
Coordinates 24°5′47″N 86°22′14″E / 24.09639°N 86.37056°E / 24.09639; 86.37056
Elevation 288 metres (945 ft)
Total height 12 metres (39 ft)
Number of drops 3
Watercourse Usri River

Usri Falls (Hindi: उसरी जलप्रपात) is a waterfall located in Giridih district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is a popular tourist and picnic spot.[1][2][3] Ushree means a "beautiful source".


The Usri River, a tributary of the Barakar River, flows down a steep gorge. The Usri Falls drop some 12 metres (39 ft) in three separate streams. It is surrounded by dense forest.[4]

The character of the gneissic complex of this region is well exposed. Some of the rocks have been split up into blocks of huge dimension whose polished and clean surfaces have been chequered by veins of various hues. The profile of the river bed changes after passing through the falls. The lower portion is mostly flat, slightly undulating, which gives way to gorge like form.[5] The government has taken several steps to develop the area as a prominent tourist spot along with Khandoli Dam and Parasnath.[6][7]


Usri Falls is located 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) east of the Giridih town on the road to Tundi.[3] Taxis, tongas and auto-rickshaws are available.[1][4][8]

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