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  • Guide wavelength
  • Brune section. Possibly not a stand-alone article, but should be worked in somewhere.[4]
  • Matthaei chapter 14 has some material that could usefully be added to diplexer (ring resonator type in stripline + see also to appropriate section of waveguide filter article.
  • /finline, currently redirects to waveguide filter
  • Microwave components, currently redlinked. Not explicitly covered in Electronic components
  • launcher redlinked in slotted line
  • Electronic filter needs material cutting out into crystal filter. Article state at time of this entry: [5]
  • Transfer conductance, transfer impedance. Redlinked in Electrical element.
  • Parasitic coupling, currently redlinked. Linked in Via fence.
  • Fringing field, redlinked in Via fence
  • System-on-a-package, currently redlink. [6] distinguishes this from both System-in-a-package and mult-chip module.
  • Card rack
  • ninja slug Ibycus rachelae
  • voltage/current magnification unhelpfully redirect to LC circuit.
  • Ricochet battery [7]
  • Transversal filter, and tapped delay-line filter. And tapped delay-line, perhaps all redirecting to one article.
  • impedance inverter, [8] explains J and K inverters quite well. Matthaei also has something, but not explained very well. Existing links: gyrator, negative impedance converter, positive impedance inverter.
  • Mobility (mechanics)
  • Gaseous atom, a largely fictional construct to aid determination of element properties. See this RD post
  • injury potential, or demarcation potential

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