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AIV'er is a small program I wrote in Xcode tools using the Applescript Application build. It is a simple tool that will take a vandal's name, and a reason and paste it onto the WP:AIV page. It's kind of crude now, but I hope to make it better. If you would like a copy, just ping my talk page for now.

Update: I'm now up on sourceforge. See there for the files. I've also included some basic instructions along with the files.

If there are some problems you are having, or want to know more, you can stop by and ask me on my talk page. You can sometimes find me in bootcamp too.

Version History

AIV'er 1.0

  • The original "Alpha" release!
  • Included 2 different applescripts for the different functions (now historical)
  • Came in two types: PowerPC and Inter/X86, in different downloads

AIV'er 2.0 Universal

  • The "beta" release
  • First one to Come in a Universal Bianary version
  • Was reduced to a single script (this seems to follow my applescripting learning skills)

AIV'er 2.1

  • Finally scripted the "autosaver function"
  • a throttle was added to prevent abuse (WP:BEANS)

AIV'er 2.5

  • Fixed the loading time, so that it will work everytime (checks the title of the window instead of straight time delay)
  • Fixed the clipboard issue. Since it needs to copy/paste information, scripted it so that whatever was on your clipboard before will be there after
  • It now unchecks minor edit (using javascript)


  • Not an update really, the XCode tools are now available through subversion. The program no longer includes them, just the program


  • Tweaked the code a little bit (r2&12 for details)
  • Release now made as a plain .tar.bz2 instead of, so the size is quite a bit less (24kb vs 360kb)


  • tweaked code so it now works with Safari 3.0 and now with Camino, but no Firefox yet

Wikipedians Using AIV'er

This is mostly for my interest and records. And just in case there is a major update so I can tell people.



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